We are what we eat! Epi nutrients are the new way to focus on food!

We are what we eat! Epi nutrients are the new way to focus on food!

Yes , the new buzz word in nutrition is Epi nutrients. These are the micro nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. The break down of the food into the active constituents and what they do in the body. In exactly the same way that we use herbs and plant based medicines as a collection of active constituents! 

Medicine is simply the organism ( in this case people, animals who ever we are wanting to heal) and the substance ( the medicine, active constituents) so that they are either functionally enhancing, or functionally blocking. This puts the body back into balance as the healing takes place.  That is the simplicity of medicine and food is our first and most natural medicine. 

In the case of epi nutrients science is now talking about switching on genes, switching off genes, and the influence on longevity and health from what we eat. This research is the powerful hope that we will live longer and degenerate less leading to the dream of very very long lives. Time will see where that goes. In the mean time, we need to eat well, watch the research and learn the gold nuggets along the way! 

It's not new news, we all know we are what we eat. Eat high prana ( energy ) foods and you get high energy. Eat junk foods and you have higher risk factors for illness. 

Those of you who have my 2013 book The magic of food as Medicine are way ahead of the game anyways. We have been talking about food as medicine for years and so have many logical and aware people. It's just going to get more and more focused. 

To me this is only good news. So hold tight. Eat your fruits and veges and we will keep sharing information on this topic for the next little while! 

Have a great day Love Dom xox 

This pic is me at Eumundi markets today celebrating a new fruit and vege stall! Talking about all the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. 

We love them! 

Blessings to you and yours xoxo