Warming herbal combos for wintertime wellness

What are your favourite herbs for winter? 

We love warming and nourishing herbs that feel good to take and are good for you! 

Staying healthy in the cooler months isn't too hard when you drink herbal teas that act as preventative medicines for the seasonal ailments. Making a flask of herbal tea is good to take to work, sip on the bus or train and to sip on all day. 

One combination we make in the herbal dispensary is cinnamon, echinacea and ginger. Its a favourite fro winter and you can also take these herbs in extraction form in your personal blend to help stay well this winter. 

Cinnamon has a warming flavour in tea and can be taken as an extraction too. Its sweet with a hint of spice! Antimicrobial and great to help reduce sore throats and chesty colds. We also use cinnamon to help balance blood sugar levels and calm digestion. Its wonderful as a preventative for winter illnesses. 

Echinacea is one of our favourite immuno balancers. Yes echinacea leaves a numb taste on your tongue when you have a sip of the extraction, and it helps relieve symptoms of flus and coughing. Echinacea works on your cellular energy too, its a herb you can take to help increase your energy and give you more stamina in the winter months. 

We love our ginger tea at this time of the year, its warming and really increases circulation. Ginger is really good to help reduce all illness in the body and works in your blood to help reduce inflammation and symptoms of colds and flu. Its a wonderful herb to add into drinks with lemon, honey and a dash of turmeric. 

There are many warming winter herbs you can add to your diet and your medicine chest at home. Please chat with us and we can help you with a herbal formula designed to help your personal wellness. Or a tea blend thats warming and nourishing! 

Have you tried My fortitude tea that we developed with Echinacea, cats claw, withania, star anise, turmeric and elderberry. Its delicious and a wonderful winter herbal combo! 

Have a lovely day