Valerian tea to relax your mind, body and soul!

 Last week I visited Mum in her cottage garden in the Southern highlands of Sydney. She has so many wonderful plants growing there  and my favourite is the Valeriana. 

Valerian has a history going back to the ancient greek uses and has been written about by Herbalists in all cultures. Its name is derived from Latin meaning to be strong and healthy.  the herb was used originally for its aerial parts as well as the root and often added to stews cooking and used as a tea to help with sleep, coughing, bruising and stress. Culpepper calls valerian a herb from the planet mercury and gives it warming qualities and is used as a good wintertime herbal. It was used for a variety of conditions such as heart palpitations, convulsions and nervous tension. Today it is used for its sedative and nervine properties and prescribed by herbalists globally to calm and relax. 

As a child my mum gave us valerian tea at night to help us sleep. She also gave us valerian when we were stressed, upset or feeling down and out in our lives. The herb had a tendency to uplift me from my duldrums and help me feel calm and peaceful again! Such a wonderful herb for the whole family! 

Many clinical trials have been done on Valerian and it has shown itself to be a great herb to help sleep, relaxation and restfulness. The pharmaceutical Valium is based on Valerian herbals and the herbal version certainly works in a very calming manner. 

This is a late season blooming red valerian flower in Mums garden this week. Its a herb I love and wanted to share with you! Make some organic valerian root tea and see for yourself how calming it is! 

To make the tea simply seep 1 teaspoon of dried root powder or flakes in 300ml of boiling water. Allow to infuse and drink before going to bed! 

We have the root here in our dispensary if you want some! We also make the liquid extractions to add in your herbal medicine prescriptions! Please ask us about how Valerian can help you? ( there are some contraindications with herbs, so best to check ) 

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Wishing you a beautiful weekend. 

Love Dom xox