To be Vulnerable is to be Awesome!

To be Vulnerable is to be Awesome!


Hello and how are you? I had no idea what I was going to write about when I started this blog tonight. I have been feeling rather vulnerable lately in my own life and as time goes on I see shifts and changes as I shift from being a person who was married, to being separated, to the next phase of…. well feeling vulnerable.. so thats what this blog turned into. and its a good thing. We are all the same.. and yet we all have our differing lives and ways of coping. For me. I am grateful that I have my writing, my yoga, my herbs, and my beautiful family and friends. I am grateful everyday for the observations I make in my life and to be vulnerable is one of the greatest gifts we can experience for ourselves…

Here is my little mantra about this blog. To Be Vulnerable… Oh can you do it?

” I am open, vulnerable and flowing with the pure unknown… To be in this state is allowing myself to allow..  creating the way for what I don’t know and what I don’t control a place of entry into my life…. this is the true path to growth… yes, beautiful, and accessible.. I am vulnerable, I am awesome in that truth”


Are you feeling vulnerable at all? Well are you? ……… Its something that we can so easily hide behind in many ways. We can be in our own place of change and deny it… Yes its easier for you to deny any change you are experiencing than to actually crack straight through the guts of it and face it head on…. and that my lovely friends is the place of vulnerability…

To be vulnerable means we are saying that we really don’t know what the answer is? It is also saying to ourselves that we are willing to take a risk and try a new way of doing something… and it is placing our selves at the feet of the throne of the unknown….

Oh the almighty great unknown.… The one that can make our knees quake with excitement and the one that can have us hiding under the bed covers and staying home when the party of the century is right next door.. and we have a VIP invite, all inclusive my friend.. step right up the pleasures await you!

” No” Our personal script says… I stay safe behind the veil of the known and the familiar… and I stay here with my select nuances and paranoias and phobias alone… I do not need your VIP invite, nor your pleasures to help me… In fact, the pure potentiality of joy is avoidable at all costs.. Or is it?

And so .. La da de di…. it goes on and on and one day you decide that its time to go next door and see what this party is all about… and thats when you step into your vulnerability…. as it is now out of your control, exactly where vulnerable belongs…. in the unknown and in the moment. What do you do here.. walk in to this place open? Or shall we just stay in our shell of protection?

To help you along the path to the party. you may need some stepping stones of comfort. These include such things as security blankets, teddy bears, maybe a bottle of vodka? really do we go there in consciousness and face it straight up? Or shall we go in our pajamas and hide in the corner? maybe you are more the fancy dress kind of character who rolls in like Elvis? Or if you are like me, it a bit of a post kundalini yoga event and we walk in as ourselves, as we are and …. well.. vulnerable…. and then the magic happens!


Here are my top tips to deal with vulnerability and I think its time we all went to the party and started to enjoy the moment… in the vulnerable way! 

1. Get used to it! Thats my top tip…. get used to feeling exposed and vulnerable. Its actually surprising how you can get away with being completely exposed, authentic and vulnerable and no one notices.. yes sad but true. Only a few rare souls at the party actually see the real you. The rest of the people just see the imagery and the external dress and the way you look. You can be raw , raw raw and really… its a party , so you get to be you and its OK! really, most people don;t look that closely, esp if you made an effort to look decent.

2. Try to control your escape strategies… Ie show up where you have like mindedness and where you want to see friends, and only show up at those places.. avoid every where else. Vulnerable may be avoided and missed by the masses, but you are still vulnerable, you know it.. and thats what counts.. So put yourself in the good spaces and places where you feel good and continue your strategies of escape and avoidance everywhere else. You know the truth…. You are vulnerable.. It doesn’t really matter that no one else notices.. we all have our shit to deal with.

3. Be totally forgiving of everyone else in all regards. Yes, they didn’t notice you were vulnerable… so what? thats cool. Just get on with it and understand that fact… and also go one step further.. offer them assistance… ask how they are? Take it outside yourself and listen to others and try to understand others… do not hold it against people because they do not relate to your vulnerability. You will gain strength by understanding others and thats a good thing.. anything that helps you feel good is a good thing.

4. Enjoy the moment.. yes, thats a good thing. You made it to the party, even if it was only a few steps away it was like walking across the desert and into the sand storm and across the unexpected avalanche! The least you can do is dance, dance, dance, and smile. Life is always better when you can smile.

There are some herbal medicines that we can take to help us with depression and with feeling vulnerable and lonely. Its not unusual. It is the normal human condition to feel something less than expressive, Vulnerable does not mean we have lost our way.. in fact it means we are on track and we are open to a new way.  The way herbal medicines work is amazing. They work on supporting the nervous system, recovery to adrenal glands, magic to the hormones and really help you uplift. My beautiful uplifting herbal blend consists of panax ginseng, maca,  hypericum, echinacea and beautiful elderberry. It is a true blend to help you feel open and vulnerable and accepting of that. I love this blend it helps so many people feel good and feel ok about being vulnerable…. Vulnerability is a key feeling to personal growth and understanding.. when you sit in that place of vulnerable, you are very very honest with yourself and that in itself is an amazing experience..

Please talk with me if I can help you with herbs and nutritional strategies to deal with your vulnerabilities.. we are all the same… really we are.. its just the layers of defence and the beautiful portraits of openness that colour each of us in a vast and unique landscape of our own life. We are pure potential in motion. we are pure, we are open, we are real. All Of us…. On our own landscapes and in our own versions…. of vulnerability… and the more we allow that openness and unknown.. the more we become vulnerable and the more potential we have as humans to be our best and highest selves.

Please embrace this feeling and make it something you welcome in your life when it shows up. It is raw, it is now and it shows us that we are human. 


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With love as always Dom xoxo

Take care and I trust you enjoy this blog newsletter.

With Love Dom xoxoox

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Blessings in your vulnerabilty.