The Planting Festival with Dominique LivKamal 2017

The Planting Festival this weekend.

Hello and welcome to my latest newsletter blog, as you know we have been going to a lot of festivals over the last year. Its lovely when you manufacture such beautiful herbals to go out and offer our free clinics and herbal first aid service in these places. we have met so many wonderful people and assisted with keeping you well in these places.

We have been setting up out at Woodfordia for the last day to open this evening for you to enjoy our services. We have traditional medicineroom medicinal services going this weekend. This includes our free naturopathic clinics open from 5pm Friday evening and daily across the festival from 9am till about 10pm. You can call by for medicinal herbal elixirs, herbalist assistance and our divine and favourite herbal body products.

I’m really excited about this weekend. Saturday morning I will be at Eumundi markets and beautiful Darina my naturopath sister is open at the festival looking after us on Friday night and Saturday day time. I am presenting at the Grove venue Saturday at 4pm on herbal first aid at home. This topic will go into the simple foods that you may already have in your garden or kitchen shelf  There are so many curative and preventative medicines right at our finger tips and I will show you how to use them to help you stay well as preventatives, as well as how to use them for acute injuries.

Then on Sunday, I am presenting at 10.30am again in the Grove about prebiotics and how they can help you stay well. There are so many wonderful ways we can use herbs as immunity boosting tonics. Come and say hello at the stall. I will be there all Saturday evening and Sunday.

Eucalyptus balm we made this week for winter wellness

One of the greatest pleasures about being a herbalist is to make the herbal skin balms. before a festival we always step up on making enough for the event. This week has been no exception. Its Friday evening and we are in the dispensary making peppermint and chamomile skin balm for you…. So beautiful on your skin with the lushness of local Obi Obi Olive oil and local Kilcoy avocado oil…. we use organic chamomile flowers blended with organic peppermint leaf that is so aromatic And, of course we add therapeutic doses of essential oils.

Today Peppermint Balm is our favourite.

This balm is great for spinal alignment in body work. When massaged into the great letting go points across your front shoulders, then it completely relaxes the somatic nervous system and helps you stay relaxed. As we know all nerves travel through the spine at their energetic and physical core. So, massaging this oil across your back is incredible to help that energy pass through and work on the strong Yang bladder lines, resulting in a relaxed body and allowing space for small realignments to naturally occur. This balm is cooling for feet and increasing circulation through the whole body whilst relaxing your emotional body is a pretty good reason to try some.

Also this balm with the combination of peppermint and chamomile is great for headache and tension relief. A really great digestive balm when massaged through the hara which is located around your belly button in a circular radius up to the bottom ribs and low to the hip bones. If you feel any constipation, digestive disorders or pain in this area them our balm really helps.

Have a lovely weekend and hope to see you at the planting.

with love and blessings Dom. Here is our website details. xoox