The Low Down on Immunity- How to stay strong naturally….

The Low Down on Immunity- How to stay strong naturally….

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We are at The Planting Festival This weekend with our beautiful herbal medicines and body products. I am presenting twice on Sunday. I will be making GOlden Laksa soup at 7.30am at Sharmys Kitchen and discussing inflammation and pain relief. Then at 3.30pm I will be at the Duck talking about boosting your immunity for the winter. This is what inspired this podcast / blog today so you can have all the technical info and also get the low down on immunity health from me.

We will also be at Eumundi Markets this Saturday in our usual spot. I look forward to seeing you at the markets and then at my presentations and stall.


Its so important to protect our body from invading organisms and pathogens. How does to body differentiate from what is considered self and normal and what is considered an invader. Today in this podcast recording I give you the low down on your immunity and how to stay string using lifestyle, herbal and nutritional support.

When I recorded this today I was concerned that I was too scientific and technical when discussing the components of immunity and what they do…. but then I started thinking about all the confusion with immunity and all the young mums and dads, all the people who go between accepting vaccinations and feeling confused about them. I thought that it would be irresponsible of me to make light the importance and complexity of our immunity. How it is divided into sections and how it has direct action on DNA, RNA, inflammation, disease and body defence.  So, if you are craving this technical knowledge… here it is… If it sounds like goo goo to you and science tech is not your interest, then please bear with us for the first part of the podcast and I can assure you your interest will be awakened when we talk about our favorite Herbs, dietary and lifestyle choices to protect you and your family.

Stay Strong naturally by boosting your immunity naturally too. Every time we are exposed to an allergen or pathogen, we develop a relationship to it. That relationship is dependent on what that particular invader invokes in us. We have a complex array of options to deal with this and thats what our immunity is all about…. complex response to an ever changing world of threats. To be healthy we have a good immune response that has the ability to keep these invaders in control. THis is important. However when our immunity is unable to deal with the invaders then we have some real health problems and this is what often leads us  to pandemics and mass illness.

This is the basic of vaccination programs to prevent the spread of infectious disease that is unable to be dealt with naturally by the body. Mass immunity is based on the idea that if everyone is immunised against something then it will not effect that community.. There are many questions around this topic and personally I think that some immunisation is necessary and good. Some seam like they are overkill. Small bodies are exposed to what I consider unnecessary amounts of unnatural toxins if you follow the required immune plan here in Australia. Its scary how many jobs are on the list for babies. Is it necessary? I also think that the question needs to be asked as to ” How far is too far with immunisation programs and who benefits from this? ” We also need to ask whether there is danger to the individual when you introduce foreign toxins to the body? I do not agree with mass immunisation that is forced by  Governments and taking freedom away from parents, especially when that will have a direct negative financial effect on the individuals who choose not to accept this option. Then the mass financial problems these expenses cause the country ( GDP. Gross Domestic Product ) through mass government spending on medical benefits to pharmaceutical companies and then we need to ask who is the winner here? Is it the pharmaceautical companies? Is it the population???? Only you can ask these questions and its a political hot topic and the agenda of all concerned needs to be disclosed and people should  not be forced by fear and threat to artificially invade their immunity. what happened to freedom of choice?

I give you information on how you can stay strong naturally. This is with some good imunomodulatory herbs, adaptogenics, antioxidants. and also some detox therapies and resting well and reducing stress. Basically I think that adding more toxins in a body to boost its strength is not logical. I think  mother nature and her medicines are the best.



In our work both in the herbal dispensary  Its so important to love what you are doing and to have a mental sense of the end product before it is even made. We just love inventing, and formulating and creating beautiful products for you to use. My books are full of ideas and techniques. You can also buy our herbal honey syrups and herbal medicines that have all been developed and made by us.  Plus now we have over 20 beautiful skin care and medicinal body products that are aromatherapeutic and also purely gorgeous to put on your skin.



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