The countdown is on! 10 days till HIGHVIBESONTHEMOUNTAIN.COM

Hello and welcome to my latest newsletter and blog. We’ve been in the Woodford Folk Festival for the last few weeks and really enjoyed our presentations and experiences @bluelotuswoodfordia ( facebook page) . Its such a pleasure to see everyone at our beautiful medicine room clinics too.

For those of you who have been travelling with me through the years and developing with us in many ways as we strengthen our formulations and developments, events and services, I want to share with you that in ten days we are holding our inaugural two day HIGH VIBES ON THE MOUNTAIN in Maleny.

I am so grateful for my connections and networks through our mother festival Woodford Folk Festival, and my sister festival Byron Spirit Festival for your constant and consistent support and encouragement through all of my innovations and ideas. Thanks to Eumundi Markets for all the support in this project as our home market! Thanks to my son Adam Finney aka Barking owl productions for this video!

Thanks to our awesome connection with Kirsten Browning Design for our web site and Holistic Bliss Magazine. Jay at the Jay,  and Campaign Group for your wonderful inspirations and services. Our beautiful friends at Maple Street Co op, Maleny yoga centre, Maleny RSL club, Maleny Community Centre and all the local businesses  in town for embracing our idea, welcoming us to join you for the weekend and celebrating wellness in Maleny township with us! Thanks Spicers Tamarind for coming on board and developing our first wellness package weekend and giving us generous use of your spaces over the weekend. To new Earth Cafe and Maple Street Co op, Thanks so much for selling tickets on our behalf, and all the loving nutrition, organic based support you give us!

Presenters are on our web site

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Our line up includes Kevin James Carroll, Dubarray, OKA, Si Mullumby, Gwyn Williams, Chris Lane, Melissa Borich, Katja Hofman, Two old ducks, Takkesh, New Earth Metta… so much joy and wellness here!



My book The Wellness Zone is out of print now. We sold 10,000 copies and now offer it to you as a download, $5 each download.  This is 368 pages of wellness information and your guide to optimal health. We also have THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE as an e book for you now too. $5 each.


 We are so excited to be presenting High vibes on the mountain for you and hope you can make some time over the weekend and come here and join us. Day, evening and full passes available. Ticketing box open from 6.30am on Sat 20th January at Maleny Community Centre front Ticketing box in Maple Street. Doors open at venues  7.45am.

May you walk in your light each day , developing your life in a beautiful way that enhances your wellness and joy.

Blessings and have a great day

Dominque xoxoo

We have our online shop too.

Herbal Skin Balms, nectars, perfumes and books available online. We hold our free clinics weekly at Eumundi Markets, we also attend some really lovely events where we offer our free services. Make a phone call to chat with me about herbal medicines and your needs with naturopathic services. We are open Tuesday to Saturday weekly

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Best wishes and with Love

Dominique LivKamal


Master Health Promotion

Award winning herbalist , naturopath and health advocate.

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