The beauty of herbs in winter for respiratory wellness.

Taking herbs to help keep your respiratory tract clear is pretty standard practice in our herbal dispensary. 

We divide the herbs into two broad categories. ! Upper respiratory herbs and 2. Lower respiratory herbs. At this time of year, the early days of winter its a great time to make sure you are clear of allegens, mucous build ups and congestion in your upper and lower respiratory tract. This is the best prevention for developing problems as the season goes on and gets colder, 

Often you get a mucous, allergenic response from breathing in air borne illnesses/ pathagens/ microbes and this creates the mucous that builds up in your head and gives you the sniffles. Then you get the drip of mucous we call a nasal drip going through the head and dripping down the back of your throat creating sore throats and throat congestion.  This then travels down into the lungs and can cause all kinds of lung infections and congestions. 

Its pretty simple, stop the mucous production and allergenic responses as early as possible in the process of developing illness. 

The herbs we use for upper respiratory relief are fenugreek as it primarily reduces mucous production and tends to dry mucous. We also like horse raddish and wasabi as they also dry mucous.  Garlic is a great herb for reducing inflammation and allergenic responses. , elderberry berries are antimicrobial and anti viral , lemon myrtle is antimicrobial and olive leaf. 

We like to reduce the symptoms in the head cavity as this stops the development of nasal drip and you have less risk for lung infections. The herbs for the lower respiratory tract we use a lot are thyme, echinacea, sage, liquorice root, olive leaf, nettle, andrographis and chamomile. These all work on the lungs in various ways and help you get better faster. 

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