The ancient medicine called yarrow!

Do you ever wonder what those weeds are on the side of the road? What that mass of flowers is as you drive up the mountain and see acres of wildflowers in the paddocks? 

Sometimes I do! I look at the flowers, the plants that are sometimes weeds, sometimes treasures, something to wild craft perhaps? 

Last year I was in the UK, I went there for a couple of conferences and I always wanted to get out to the stones.... I went on a trip to Stonehenge and was so surprised when the countryside was covered in Yarrow. Not just a little bit, but for miles and miles and miles.. the side of the road, the fields, the gardens, the corners... The wind blows these seeds everywhere. I started thinking about ancient medicines and that is surely  one of the most common and oldest used folk medicines. 

Its the perfect plant to spread far and wide across the globe and it grows almost anywhere in almost any conditions.. 

Why would we use yarrow as medicines? 

Traditionally yarrow was used for most ailments. Coughs, colds, fevers, sore throats, digestive problems, hay fever, sinus, dysentery, loss of appetite, diarrheoa, 

It was used for everything from tooth ache to inducing sweating and reducing fevers! It's known to have anti inflammatory and antioxidant qualities and is used all over the world. 

This was taken mostly as a tea. And pretty well everyone was able to take the tea.  It can cause drowsiness in some people and cause skin irritations in very sensitive people who are prone to topical allergens. However research now shows it also helps clear up skin and is used for acne and skin rashes! 

Research has shown that yarrow may be an antidepressant, Studies have shown that yarrow extract reduces the secretions of  stress hormones cortisol which is present in chronic stress.  

Some animal research showed that the essential oil reduced anxiety and increased mental and physical activity. 

Research has also shown that yarrow reduces brain inflammation from viruses, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and Alzhiemers. And the antioxidants have anti seizure effects. So overall its a great herb to use. 

I often think that the all around therapeutic herbs like yarrow are great to have as. daily tonic. If they cure all these multiple ailments then surely yarrow would be a great preventative herbal tea too. Nourishing and protecting your body! 


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With love and blessings Dominique Livkamal  


Dominique is the author of two books The Wellness Zone 2nd ed and The magic of food as medicine.

She is a passionate wellness advocate. In 2012 she was awarded the Australian herbalist of the year and in 2015 made a fellow of the NHAA.

Dom holds a Masters in public health/health promotion, A  Bachelor or Health Science/ Complementary medicine. She is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist . Dom also has a  Diploma in  Journalism, is a Kundalini yoga teacher, Zen Thai Shiatsu practitioner and a student of life and wellness advocate. 

She is the founder of Medicine Room naturopathic herbal dispensary and organises wellness events.  Dom created High vibes on the mountain, she developed herbal first aid services and is a programmer for The Woodford Folk Festival…. always working with love, gratefulness, light and through the divine grace!