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Taking care... Your wellness priorities

Taking care of yourself is a priority as we get closer to festive season holidays and celebrations. Yes thats what everyone is talking about right now! Rushing to finish projects, wanting to have some time to just stop and smell the flowers. 

It seams like lots of you are planning road trips this year. Its the return of camping and the car rides across our big vast Australia. The days of flying away for an overseas holidays are gone for now and our southern cousins in Victoria and NSW are relishing the opening of our QLD borders,  You will find me at The Bushtime events at Woodfordia site teaching Kundalini yoga across the whole summer. I'm planning on some beach time, time to surf, swim and read books in the shade while sipping some iced herbal teas! Yes, I fully plan to relax for a couple of weeks.  What about you? what are you planning? 

Make time for some herbal teas, relaxing shots of herbs and good company this festive season. 

It can be exhausting travelling, it can be exhausting working and it can be extra exhausting when you have to plan holidays, gifts, festive celebrations and meals. So getting to the core of my blog today I want you to consider taking herbs and nutrients to buffer and support your emotional body and nervous system.

This is the B group vitamins in brown rice, leafy greens, meats and spirulina. B group vitamins in a complex tablet form are great at this time of the year and keep a lid on nervous system strength and endurance. Herbs that can help you are lemon balm, st johns wort, passionflower, skullcap, chamomile, valerian, calendula, oat straw, rosehips, lavender. These all buffer and support your nervous system and emotional body. Keeping our emotional body strong is a priority when we are busy and when its celebration time! 

Call me and chat if you cant a herbal formula made up to support you this season! I'm here Tuesday to Friday from 9am. 


Our Christmas gift packs have been rolling out the door! We also wanted to  let you know that we will gift wrap your products between now and Dec 23rd when we close for a few weeks. Just tell us when you make your order either on the phone or online. 

Here is our offer.  This is a gift you will LOVE! 

Your ultimate cool Christmas gift Pack! ( yes cool as in cooling) 

We would love you to celebrate with our Christmas gift pack 2020.  Do you want us to send you one ? Call us 0409765033 to order over the phone or buy online. 




People who love our organic herbal body products. Lovers of Lavender, Lemon Myrtle, lime and luxe skin care 

Anyone who wants to go sunning in the sun, beaching at the beach, playing in the summer beauty and would love to cool down and rehydrate afterwards. 




Do you get confused with all the detox and cleansing plans around? 
Do you run out of time and wonder how you can do a decent detox? 
Do you feel unconfident that it will work and you will get results? 
Join me on November 3rd 2020 and lets get your detox cleansing plans in place. 
Design your ultimate detox. Wholesome vegetarian detox 
Juice cleansing
Water fasting 
intermittent cleansing
Parasite cleanses
Specific illness cleansing strategies. 
discover my favourite herbs for detoxing 
Beautiful detox foods 
Simple doable plans that will have you feeling energised, vibrant and empowered.
To complete this course you will need access  Facebook for weekly classrooms and discussions.

 Trading during the festive season. 

We are at Eumundi Markets until 19th December Saturday market and then back at Eumundi on the 9th January 2021, 

We are in Maleny until the 18th December for medicines, body products and clinics and back on Saturday 9th January 2021. 

Any orders placed between December 18th  and January 9th will be processed after January 12th 2021. for all details on training courses and online wellness shop for herbal body products and online bookings for clinics. Check out our schedule. Weekly Eumundi Markets plus Maleny clinics. 

phone us  +61 409765033

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With love and blessings Dominique Livkamal  

Dominique is the author of two books The Wellness Zone 2nd ed and The magic of food as medicine.

She is a passionate wellness advocate. In 2012 she was awarded the Australian herbalist of the year and in 2015 made a fellow of the NHAA.

Dom holds a Masters in public health/health promotion, A  Bachelor or Health Science/ Complementary medicine. She is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist . Dom also has a  Diploma in  Journalism, is a Kundalini yoga teacher, Zen Thai Shiatsu practitioner and a student of life and wellness advocate. 

She is the founder of Medicine Room naturopathic herbal dispensary and organises wellness events.  Dom created High vibes on the mountain, she developed herbal first aid services and is a programmer for The Woodford Folk Festival…. always working with love, gratefulness, light and through the divine grace!