Summertime flames of wellness!

This is pure summertime  SE Queensland , Australia. We have rain now, sultry skies, big ocean swells and scorching hot days for weeks on end… only to be relieved by early evening thunder storms, riddled with lightning and the clouds beconing to fall on us, as they carry the heavy load of an almost wet season.

The foods we need to eat at this time are grounding and earthing foods, foods that support our energy and allow us to rest and recover our digestive systems , as the almost monsoonal load plays havoc with our liver, sweating and hot, sticky and muddy, slushy and releasing poisons from our system at an alarming rate. and most of it leave through our skin.

Yes sweat is the purest form of summertime detoxification. Our bodies biggest organ the skin is right at home in Summer, it just keeps releasing those long term poisons and then it launches itself into the coolness of the ocean, river…. any water that is cold is welcomed…

This is another blessing of Summertime, the cool water on our body sending the blood rushing to the organs, released the peripheral circulation, offers the release,  as we let go of swelling and inflammation , releasing these to the organs within and offering a pure flush..

Be grateful when you sweat, be grateful when you are able to open your body and offer the joints movement, the organs a flush and the skin a good cleanse. Its very different to the spring time cleansing we so often talk about. I haven’t  made a you tube this one yet… its because we have been busy sweating and dipping into cold water… doing our yoga and allowing our bodies to stretch into the openness that heat offers.

Herbs that cool and allow us to feel refreshed in the summertime are often the coolest and deodorising digestive herbals, think about peppermint tea, spearmint in salads, basil in pesto, delicious mint in cool lemon drinks, yummy fennel teas and fennel seeds sprinkled in your stir fries. Internally we offer our body a boost with some echinacea root and ginseng, to help pull our energy up.  Increasing our vital energy. We need to pull our energy up now, as the heat tends to sink our gravity and we feel heavy, so much for heat rising! not always. Adaptogenic herbs are always good at this time the year, as we balance all organs and systems. Think withania, Siberian ginseng and astragalus.

We just had our two day event HIGH VIBES ON THE MOUNTAIN in Maleny. Wow, its the first time I have underwritten a two day wellness, dance, yoga and music event. We ran across the four venues in Maleny and had so much fun… It was exciting and it was a progression and extension of my beautiful work I do with the team at Woodford Folk Festival.  I can’t express enough gratitude and love for the people who came and gave their energy, time, resources, skills, love, fun, joy and passion into this collaboration. We had 26 presenters, 39 x 90 minute acts, The days were filled with health giving love, cooking masterclasses, astrology, yoga, dance and connection, with Saturday evening opening the way for Dubarray and OKA to get everyone moving to the beats of pure blissful dance and music!  It was two days of great connecting amongst a group  of like minded people!

We are doing it again next year. So, come to Maleny on January 18, 19 and 20. If you want to go on our database you need to email me ( We are not as sophisticated as the Medicineroom yet on our web site with online blog sign ups) The 200 plus people who did give us your emails we sent our first blog yesterday with a survey!


Gwyn Williams is Australia’s leading practitioner and teacher for Zen Thai Shiatsu. He is an inspiration to thousands of people with his wisdom, balance and gentle oneness approach to health and wellness using osteopathic, Wou Thai, Chinese medicine, body work, shiatsu, massage, yoga and ancient teachings. He presented twice at High Vibes on the Mountain and also four times at Woodford Folk Festival. Takkesh is a pro surfer, he is a long term student of Gwyn Williams, and has trained in Zen Thai Shiatsu, plus body work and yoga. Takkesh presented Surf Yoga Flow at High Vibes on the mountain and had everyone strengthening our cores and getting surf fit!  SI  Mullumby of Wild Marmalade and Dream Drone  played some live music and the session was next level!  Si also presented at Woodford Folk festival and High vibes on the mountain. Si’s work in breathe and Didge is emerging and global in appeal.

What do you do to stay fit? Think about hoe you can create a great program for yourself in wellness that can incorporate fun as well! Yes, we’re all for fun and fitness. Thats what I love about coordinating these events. Its wellness and joy!

Can we help you feel better in your life? Can we help you develop more energy, increase your metabolism, deodorise your organs and cells? Feel better. Talk with us about getting rid of summertime sluggishness and lifting your energy and passion.

We hold our free clinics at Eumundi markets every Saturday and we are there to formulate herbal medicines for you! We also have our hand made body products that you can also buy online!

Importantly the skin is the organ we want to keep in pristine condition at this time of the year. I have been using our rich herbal skin nectar and our rosehip and chamomile nectar on my skin all summer now. The sun factor protection  is about 15 to 20 and my skin is feeling great. No sunburn and lots of great hydration.

You can purchase our nectars online now for $39 each 100ml or two for $70. Freight free where ever you live!

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May you walk in your light each day , developing your life in a beautiful way that enhances your wellness and joy.

We are of service for you! Our mission is to create wellness and joy through education, herbal medicines, great workshops and events! Connect with us.

Blessings and have a great day

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Dominique LivKamal


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Currently learning to surf and learning acupuncture…. its always good to be learning new skills.

Award winning herbalist , naturopath and health advocate.

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