Summertime beverages to help cleanse and nourish after the festive season feasts!

Summertime herbal drinks are so delicious and cleansing. Lets step up now and enjoy the freshness all summer long. 

Here we share some aromatic drinks that can be enjoyed all season. 

This little bowl of joy is the perfect start to a cooling summertime savoury soup consume... To make a vegetable consume you need to boil lots of flavoursome vegetables and herbs together and then strain off the clear liquid.... Thats the true consume.... Now for summertime we are cooling in the fridge and serving cold.... 

You can also use this aromatic bunch of fresh herbs from your garden to add extra aroma to your herbal teas. Firstly seep the herbs in hot water and when ready pour gently over these flowers and herbs to add extra aroma and flavour. It looks fantastic and smells amazing. 

You can be very creative with herbs and use them in cool drinks and hot drinks, both savoury and sweet in the warmer months. Its perfect detox food after the heavy Christmas festivities and tastes so good. 

Make it fruity and nourishing. 

Juice these babies, yes dragon fruit, mango and watermelon and add them to your daily summertime regime. Mix in herbal teas both hot and cold. Add some coconut, almond or oat milk to the fresh fruit juices for a nourishing and light meal. 

Fruit really is the most cleansing and its delicious. Its so simple.... yes get on some fruit juices and enjoy a lighter cleansing diet. 


Here is a pic of us at one of our Christmas celebrations with beautiful family and friends.  We love the celebrations and we also love the time afterwards when you are able to detox, relax and get back into the new routine for a new year! 

Blessings and love xoxo 

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