Stay well in Winter with Herbs

Winter Wellness for you.


So its winter.. Winter here on the mountain in Queensland  is really gorgeous. The leaves have fallen from many trees and there is ice on the grass in the early morning. We have a great vibe with lots of smoke from chimneys creating a beautiful haze on the landscape mornings and afternoons as the air is cooler. However our winter is mild… really mild… no snow, no real ice to speak of and certainly warm days… some days are just sunny and delicious… without a breathe of wind and 20 degrees c. Other days are grey and warm, or grey and cold… its rare that we need the fire going all day.. everyday.. Yes, we live in the mild climates. However that doesn’t mean we don’t get winter illnesses. Coughs, cold and flus  are around everywhere.  I know many of our clients are in cold places right now and read this thinking how lucky we are… well I love the real cold.. I love snow, I love  to actually hibernate and not be able to go out because it is so cold and you can’t get anywhere. I miss that. I lived in New Zealand for many years and really appreciate the cold winters.. So please enjoy that if thats where you are right now.. and I will enjoy this… Its all perfect.. Life moves us into seasons and right now my winter season is the easy one.. the light one.. the one where you can still have whole weeks with no fires to warm the house… yes Queensland in the winter.. Its pretty light on clothes, power. storage and cold… in fact its warm.. really gorgeous and warm.

We trust you are looking after yourself this winter. I wanted to share with you that we will be at The QLD Garden Expo in Nambour on Friday the 8th, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th July. I will be presenting each afternoon on the Gourmet stage with the following topics

  1. Herbal Therapeutics for Immunity boosting
  2. Herbal Therapeutics for pain relief
  3. herbal Therapeutics for emotional support.

These presentations will last 60 minutes each and I go into details of what you can do to help yourself stay healthy and prevent illness.

The Queensland Garden Expo is operating at the Nambour Showgrounds on the Sunshine Coast. Its an event filled with Gardening presentations, stalls and ideas. The garden displays are always so beautiful. We love going there for our Medicineroom stall because everyone is just so nice! Yes its true gardeners are some of the nicest people we could meet.  They also love to use our herbal medicines, skin balms and join in my presentations. After all, herbs are the first medicine and gardeners grow lots of herbs..

This winter we are operating at Eumundi Markets every Saturday and look forward to seeing you there at our free clinics. If you want a private consultation with me then please make your booking at our Maleny Clinic.




We have our beautiful herbal elixir bar operating at The Garden Expo too. We can now offer you alcohol free, organic and vegan elixirs mixed with Coconut spritz as a cool day drink or with herbal tea. This project we have been developing this year and now offer in festivals and expos. There are three vegan elixirs to choose from.  We also make our herbal formulas for your wellness. Talk to us today.





Love me disiac  our relaxing, nervous system support and feel good blend.

Fountain of Life for immunity boosting  and strengthening of your system

Jungle Juice our energy enhancing elixir

These elixirs are available for you to drink from our stall and we sell them for $3 a single 30ml serve or $5 mixed in with the coconut spritz or herbal tea.

We will also sell them for you to have at home if you talk with us when you utilise our postal services and phone services.

We formulate and make herbal medicines for you if you need our assistance. We operate our free clinics in Festivals and markets and are a pop up herbal medicine clinic. We also offer our herbal first aid service at these events free to the public. Cuts, bruises, small injuries. So, please call by and say hello if you are at the Garden Expo this weekend. Then is two weeks time we are at Splendour in The Grass near Byron Bay in Northern NSW. This is a music festival and very different from the garden expo. So, if you are going to Splendour we will be located in the global village.

I wanted to offer you a little affirmation, mantra, positive health poem today.. Its the middle of winter and we need to keep our energy up and our bodies in good health

Today I am the best I can be, I do what I need to do, one step at the time… To be balanced, beautiful and well. 

Yes thats you and me, its everyone.. If we make the conscious effort each day to be as balanced and beautiful and well as we can.. then we are making the best choices..

The best choices for winter boosting and wellness are to get lots of rest, stay clear and focused in your mind as you keep your feet warm and your head cool…. Yes thats true… warm feet are a great health key. Then eat well. Eat nourishing and nutritious foods. Don’t over eat, remember we dont need to add weight…

In winter we need nourishment and nervous system support.. Think about all those comfort foods we often choose that are healthy too… keep the crabs and fats in check.. keep the quantity of food you eat in check,,, keep the exercise in check… make sure you exercise…

Look after yourself and I look forward to seeing you at an event, the markets or in my clinics.


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The Medicineroom operating hours are Tuesday to Friday 9am until 4pm for telephone and email services.
Eumundi Markets from 7am till 1.30pm for face to face naturopathic herbal dispensary and free clinic most  Sat mornings.
Visit our Herbal Dispensary and Free Clinic at Eumundi Markets most weeks. The Medicineroom is located in the Original market in the Alleyway directly behind the Blue CWA building on a Sat We are open from 7am until 1.30pm.
The Eumundi Markets clinics have been operating since 2004 and we love this service. No appointment necessary. Please just arrive at your convenience.
Looking forward to meeting you at the markets.
Do you want some extra time with Dom, A one on one consultation where you can access her assistance and mastery of health care? Maleny Clinic for appointments. We are hosting a clinic weekly in Maleny. Bookings essential. Appointments  are $75 per hour  plus the cost of your herbal medicine prescriptions from Dom. Please make sure you tell us how long you want your booking at time phone 0409765033. We work about one to two months ahead for these popular clinics. Please note , these are not free clinics they are by donation of what you can afford to pay or what you want to pay for the service.

Rosehip and Chamomile Nectar
Please make time to visit our wellness shop and see if you like any of them for yourself or loved ones as gifts. We are a small herbal dispensary and make to order,
Our products are all hand made with love and organic local products.

Did you know we make everything here ourselves by hand? We use really beautiful local, organic, and ethical products as available and our ethos is to present the best and healthiest options for skin and body… Yes… we want to share the wellness and beauty with you…

Our balms are 100grams and sell for $30 each

Our nectars are 100ml and sell for $35 each.

We discount prices at markets and events when you see us face to face. So tats incentive to come and say hello!

Herbs are our first medicine.. a gift from nature and pure to our body, mind and sprit!
With love as always Dom xoxo
Take care and I trust you enjoy this blog newsletter.
Dominique Liv Kamal
Master Public Health ( Health Promotion)
Bachelor Health Science ( Complementary Medicine) ]
Naturopath, nutritionist, writer and Herbalist.
Phone 0409 765033
PO Box 298 Mapleton 4560 Queensland Australia
Have a beautiful day my friends and I look forward to connecting with you at The Medicineroom.
Thank you and we look forward to your company on this Retreat.
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