Celebrate the small stuff! Happy festive season lovely!

How are you feeling? 

Looking after our emotional body, as a cornerstone to wellness is always a priority when I'm formulating medicine for anyone! Often this is an aspect of medicine ignored and seen as secondary. 

The physical body is often prioritised and that can lead to slower recovery time and complications associated with fatigue and lingering illness. 

Its festive season  and we need to relax and take care of ourselves as  we are faced with more complications on viruses . Conflicting media is confusing everyone and the gap between our politics and ideologies is widening daily. How do you see that working in the long term? We need our personal solutions with love and connectedness. This means you need to do the research and see what you personally need to stay well now. 

Look after your emotional body with simple herbal teas like chamomile, lavender and lemon balm. Take a herbal formula to help your resilience and develop immunity. Get good sleep, eat well and be wise in your lifestyle choices enjoying whats available naturally and beautifully by the ocean, the river, the mountain and try to spend time out doors and relaxed.

Also take vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc, shikimic acid, antioxidants, fresh fruits and vegetables, good protein, and keep yourself strong and boosted. 

Here at Medicine Room we have been holding strong in our learnings and researches into the current public health epidemic. Looking at daily shifts and changes to almost everything it's sometimes complicated. We keep coming up with our formulas and evolving in understanding. Its fun and sometimes trying! But, we are determined to be positive!

For this blog  I wanted to share a few things I have learnt in the last twelve months and hope that they can be helpful to you too. You probably already are doing this, 

1. Stay in my lane. Our lane is herbal medicines and naturopathy and public health initiatives. I have learnt so much by focusing my research and searches online in these areas. I know so much more about so many herbs and practices in the current climate. I know what so many of my associates are doing overseas and I know what herbs to use and when. I know that if I didn't stay in my lane I would have gone astray into another lane and that could have been confusing. So I'm grateful to be in my lane and hope we can help you with herbs when you need them. 

2. I learnt to celebrate myself. Yes, thats sometimes hard, I had a book published by an International publisher and I got into some old patterns around being very good at celebrating everyone else , but when it came to me I was unable to get past old issues of " imposter syndrome" ( I was told) . It's hard to celebrate yourself... and I think we all need to do it more often and do it on the small stuff. So when the big ones come you are not totally shattered! Thank you me for re writing the 3rd edition of The Wellness Zone and Thank you Aeon publishers in the Uk for publishing my work! " celebrate life" 

3. I learnt that it's important to remember history. Forget all that about putting it behind you. When someone says forget about that.... Ignore them. Grab the memory, hold onto it and start to analyse your mind and ask how it served you? what did I learn? and what now? be curious. Face yourself and look yourself in the eye and see whats there, be fierce and let go what not longer serves you, but look at what is there and what you can do to help yourself by learning from the past. Each moment is fleeting, so the past comes faster than we think! 

Happy festive season, stay safe and practice kindness and wellness each day. 

Much love and we are closed from the afternoon of Dec 22nd 2021 until 9am January 12th 2022. In the meantime we are at Bushtime on Woodford folk festival site. Blessings xoxo

This is my medical library at home, lots of interesting projects happen in this space. Have you got somewhere to be creative? 

Have an awesome new year 2022. 

Love Dom Dec 21st 2021.