When the chips are down.... St Johns Wort our herb for emotional support, viral protection and relaxing the whole body.

 This year has shown me that you can't rely on anything... Literally. If you add up your life and get rid of what could be considered illusion, fantasy, false security and old dependencies that you thought were solid as a rock... well, fool hardy you... Nothing and no one is a complete island and rock for you... when the chips are down... you cant rely on anything but your connection to source and your connection to helping yourself.... This can be done a number of ways.. But with what I've seen and lived this year.... my trust in herbs is even stronger than ever before.. Blessings to my patients who have trusted me with your vulnerability and fragility, losses, mournings and depressions. This post is an ode to you. 

WHY BOTHER when you feel like shit.... you feel like nothing can help you. Or can it? 

St Johns wort is one of our " go to" herbs here in the  dispensary for any condition where your nervous system is fractured, you are upset, in trauma, feeling emotionally depleted, anxious, depressed, over stressed, super tired or just not coping with life the way you want.  Its botanical name is Hypericum perforatum.

There is so much evidence about the efficiency of this herbal for depression and its been shown in clinical trials and supported by the  

prestigious Commission E in Europe to be as effective , as the pharmaceutical anti depressants and mono amine inhibitors.... without the nasty addictions or side effects that these drugs are known for. Just type in Hypericum + research + depression + anxiety in google scholar and you will be almost overwhelmed with the amazing and peer reviewed top end research on this herbal and its absolute proof as a life saving, mentally uplifting, happy and balancing herbal for mental conditions such as depression, meloncoly, anxiety and feeling " Blue". 

 The good news.... In a nutshell, Dom style .

The antidepressant mechanism of action of hypericum is still a hot research topic.   The famous constituent hypericin, a napthodianthrone  works as a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. These group of  constituents could work acetylcholinesterase by reducing the degeneration  of acetylcholine.  More to come, watch the scientists on this one... however we really don't need much more qualitative evidence to show us that this herb really works! The quality of lifeforce, ambition, desire to achieve, happiness and general feelings of goodness are improved so much when our patients take this herbal. It also acts as a sedative which is handy when you are feeling down! Sleep is needed to be really well. 

Research  has shown in multipple studies that serotonergic activity as hypericum mimics  serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), but with fewer side effects than its pharmaceutical cousins.   It acts as a modulator of norepinephrine and dopamine, as well as γ-aminobutyric acid and glutamate amino acid neurotransmitters. 

How to take Hypericum... 

Taking a therapeutic dose of st johns wort in an aqua ethanol extraction is the fastest way to rebalance your emotions in my world. So many times people come to us feeling low and take this herb in their formula for a month or more and say that the symptoms are gone while they take the herbs and they also get to process the trauma, depression and get through it all and feel like yourself in a bouyant way again. 


What this means is that when you take St Johns wort when you are going through a low period in your life, you not only feel better through the period , but you also get to still feel, think about and process the events so that true healing takes place. Often with the heavy drugs you will be avoiding the situation and feeling quite " numbed out" and not processing nor healing the events that took place. So you end up being back a square one again when you come off these medications and the healing has not occurred.  I prefer to call this avoidance... escaping your issues and then not dealing with them.

However when you take St Johns wort, you are dealing with the issues and healing and feeling somewhat decent in the process. Great for PTSD ( Post traumatic stress disorder)  Acute stress and shock, longer term conditions such as anxiety and depression and also when you just feel like you need a lift! 


Adding to its list research shows that if you have a sluggish metabolism and have some thyroid markers indicating thyroid damage then we now know that 

Hypericum encourages production of thyroid-stimulating hormone. 

Traditionally St Johns wort has been used as an antiviral and if your immunity is down and you have the combination of feeling vulnerable and depressed, then this is to herb to help you stay healthy and kill those viruses, plus prevent your illnesses getting worse. Its funny how we end up depressed, sick and feeling miserable... well this is the herb to help you... 

And as a finale... we use it to cool down all burning in the herbal first aid services... sun burn, wind burn , kitchen burns.. we could talk a lot more about the research, but save that for another time. Hope you enjoyed my blog. 


Talk with us if you want some added  St Johns wort to your herbal blend. We can blend with many other herbs to meet your needs. whether your exhausted or stressed, depressed or anxious, in mourning or feeling sad.. this is the herb for you when yuo are not on any medications, have a healthy liver, do not have sensitivities to the sun and you are really having a tough time... much love 

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