Spring time recipes for Digestive enzyme boost and preserved Lemons.

Hello and welcome to my blog this week.  We had an fun and educational Long Table Wellness Day on Sunday and for those of you who have asked me to share some information. here it is... 

I know most of my clients can't make it to our live events and thats a bummer, as we want to share so much info with you. We are looking at ways to bring a more interactive online experience to you. 

In the mean time.... heres two recipes from our day of connection and education. 

Enjoying our Long Table wellness day. Our ladies are making preserved lemon.

We made some delicious and nutritious  spring time treats. 

Dom's recipe for Digestive enzyme booster. 

Did you know that we only have a limited number of digestive enzymes in our body? and that as we get older our enzymes deteriorate and that means less absorption and assimilation of nutrients... Have you wondered why you get bloating? uncomfortable after eating? feeling like food is just sitting there? 

Make this recipe at home. Its simple and works a treat. 

It acts by helping you secrete all the right digestive salivas, enzymes and that includes bile in the liver. We need these to break down and assimilate ( absorb) all our foods. 


what you need

1 whole pineapple 

1 whole papaya ripe 

500ml apple cider vinegar with the mother. 

1 large 2 to 3 litre glass jar or bottles for the drink. 

1 vegetable juicer! 


1. Peel the pineapple and papaya and cut into 3 to 5 inch pieces. Make sure you keep in the seeds from papaya as they contain lots of Papain the digestive enzyme you need. 

2. Run the fruit through your juicer and make juice. 

3. Mix with apple cider vinegar and stir. 

4. Place in glass jar and pop in fridge. 

Have 30 to 50 ml of our digestive enzyme booster before meals!

Have 30 to 50ml of our digestive enzyme  prebiotic booster before meals. Thats two to three times a day... and watch your digestion improve awesomely. 

This stays in the fridge until you have used it all. Will last for months if necessary. It will start to ferment which makes it a more powerful prebiotic as it ages.  Its bitter and full of the right ingredients to help you have better digestion. It helps the liver, gall bladder, all the digestive tract and helps with regular and healthy bowel movements. If you want to know the low down on digestion please  read my book THE WELLNESS ZONE.  


Preserved lemon.

Making preserved lemon is an ancient tradition in many cultures. Its a way of keeping lemons in your diet through long winters, or hot desert summers.  Here in Australia we have such mild winter that preserved lemons are a staple year round. We use them on tapas platters, in cooking, salads and also with that old tequila " lick, sip. suck" Lick the salt, sip the tequila and suck the lemon. 

Salted lemons are so high in  minerals and nutrients. They are alkalising the body, all the nutrients from the lemons goes into the salt and so the flavour of the salt becomes lemon salt.  Make sure you use really good sea salt that is full of minerals. We love our local salts here because they taste so fresh and are so healthy. 

You can always add some black pepper for extra assimilation of nutrients. 


As many lemons as you have on hand. one to three kilos is good. 

Salt to pack the lemons in... We use Australian sea salt in thick granules.  one kilo of salt for every two kilos of lemons. 

A big jar to put it all in, or several smaller jars. 


1. Clean and cut the lemons in quarters. 

2. Pack the lemons in the jars tightly and pack with salt as you go along. One layer lemon, one layer salt until the jar is full. 

3. Put the lid on the jar and store in fridge for a minimum of four weeks. You don't really need the fridge, they look great in there and you can watch them change consistency. Alchemy. 

This recipe will last for years in the cupboard if you pour melted beeswax over the top to seal off the air. The longer this recipe is allowed to sit the better it ibecomes. It just melts together and crumbles into a delicious flavoursome lemony deliciousness. 

Heres the pic of this recipe from my book THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE. I can't tell you how much we love this recipe. Its such an amazing food to add to any meal giving an extra twist... zingy lemon, salty twist. 

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Have a great day

Love and light Dominique Livkamal

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