Herbal first aid kits available. Herbs for minor injuries

We had so much fun at the QLD Garden expo. I presented on herbal first aid encouraging you to add herbs to your first aid kit for natural and simple solutions to minor injuries. 

Thanks everyone who called into our stall. Our free clinics were super popular and we mat many new people. The expo was beautiful. I can't tell you how good it was to get out and about after the last year of such limitations. 

We have 7 herbal first aid kits left over from the event and I am offering them here to see if you want one? Please buy now as these are a once off special and I only make up special items occasionally. 

Who is this good for? Anyone who likes natural and simple solutions to minor injuries such as cuts, abrasions, garden injuries, minor burns, inflammation and for anyone who wants to avoid infections and further exacerbation of injuries. Anyone who wants to learn how to use herbs to naturally cure minor injuries with herbs. 

How do you use it? You add this little first aid kit to the one you have at home, in your car or work place. When an injury occurs you read the little information sheet that comes with the kit and use the herbs and supplies instead of your other choices. You need to purchase some pads and medical tape to make compressions and home made band aids. 

Why is it different? This product is different to traditional first aid supplies because it it utilising herbs in a natural topical way allowing your skin to heal naturally and with the least interference offering the body a chance to boost and recover quickly. We believe in herbs as our first medicine and want to share that information with you. 

Also we have our Long Table wellness day on August 15th in Maleny on HERBAL FIRST AID if you can make it to come and join us we will be going deeply into many  herbals for first aid and how you can use them. We will have fun! 

Thanks for coming and saying hello at the Garden expo. You can connect with me for free telehealth and Maleny clinics. Or come to Eumundi markets on Saturdays and say hello. 

Oh and we only have four places left on our next Online course starting on July 26th. 

And, Round one open for our final online course for 2021. Stress relief naturally. 

$195 for round one until numbers sold then full price of $295 includes student kit.