Soothing Chamomile.... our herb of pure calm!

Traditionally chamomile has been the herb of choice for Grandmas and Babies.. Its reputation is so gentle that we trust this herb on the most fragile members of our families... We give it to them for all kinds of traumas, emotional problems, coughs, colds, teething, old age cramping, lack of sleep, stress and we trust this herbal so much that we pull it off the shelves all over the world and make a good old cup of chamomile tea for bed at night... Yes Chamomile is the Goddess of teas and she is treated with respect and love all over the world... 

The tiny fragile flower is loved by people in every culture.... I don't know of a place in the world this plant doesn't grow. It loves heat, it loves cold, it loves darkenss, it loves light, it loves the wet, it loves the dry. It loves high altitude, it loves low altitude... I think the only reason its not more popular than tea or coffee is because its the opposite in action... It creates non action, It lets us rest well, it lets us sleep and it lets us repair, rejuventate, stay calm and feel like we are wrapped up in cotton wool. Yes chamomile is the herb of calmness. serenity and soothing night time loveliness.  Turn your lawn into chamomile flowers and forget the lawn mower. Thats what the Brittish Islanders did for thousands of years.  LIne your roads and paths with this flower, In Europe chamomile flowers beat the weeds, so why not let them grow where you walk, crushing the flowers and tiny leaves with each footstep releasing the aromas. Wild and free.... everywhere..

Now in our Glycophosphate driven society..... no one stands a chance... let alone the most fragile and vulnerable.... we hardly see chamomile anywhere now... and everyone asks me where we can get it?  What happened to honey that tastes like chamomile flowers? I miss that one... calming honey... does it get much better? Make sure you grow it organically and if you buy some flowers.,, get the organic ones.... its a fragile plant that packs a strong medicinal punch. 

How to make chamomile honey.. 

This recipe is too easy... Take chamomile flowers either dried or fresh.... Fill up a jar and then pour over honey till the jar is full and there are no air bubbles.... Shake the jar. Label the jar with what it is.. and the date.... wait a few months and then strain.. or wait a few years and then strain... This is one product that just keeps on giving to you...chamomile flavour is soft, dry, open, soothing, and it is welcoming to your taste buds... You feel an ancient knowledge that you have tasted this before and that you know it so well. 

How to make Chamomile tea 

Take 5 grams of chamomile flowers to each 300ml of hot boiling water. Add to a pot and allow to difuse for 10 to 15 minutes then strain and drink... add some honey and make it super delish.... 


The research  shows that the terpenoids and flavonoids are the actives that assist with conditions such as  stress and nervous system conditions, upper respiratory allergies, sinus hay fever. Coughing and lung conditions.  Many inflammatory conditions, muscle spasms and twitches, menstrual disorders, insomnia, ulceration, wound healing, gastrointestinal disorders, rheumatic and arthritic pain. Also the list goes on to include conjunctivitis, infections of all kinds. 

Chamomile is also used for many skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis , ulcers, open wounds and assists in relaxing muscle tension. 

Chamomile  actives are quite unstable and the best sources are alcohol extractions. The essential oil has 1- 2 percent of the volatile actives and is excellent for topical applications. 

I think there is so much research into chamomile because its used all over the world and lets face it.. folk medicine is exactly that.... take a plant and use it to heal everything because of its ready availability. This is certainly true for chamomile and it works.... yes, true.. it just about fixes everything, once we have calmed the nervous system, stopped the infections, started to heal the wounds.. 

 Heres the link to my you tube we made this week about Chamomile.

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