Simple summer meals for easy digestion!

Hello and welcome to my blog. 

Summer time meals are better when they are simple. Easily prepared platters of deliciousness and vegetarian foods that are easy to assimilate and digest. 

Today I'm sharing with you a couple of my favourites that are intercontinental, easy and nourishing. We use local foods and seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables as our priority. 

When we eat light foods it allows our body to get the nutrition it needs without the heaviness of extended digestion. Optimal digestion time for any meal is 24 to 36 hours before you eliminate the foods through faeces. So, technically it makes sense to eat fruits, vegetables and simple foods that your body can handle well. 

Digestion starts in the mouth with the secretion of amylase which is a carbohydrate enzyme and this helps carbs make their way through the acidic stomach  in tact nutritionally. Then the digestive enzymes of the stomach are very low in Ph and super acidic pepsin and hydrochloric acid. These ones are only interested in protein breakdown to make proteins into amino acids ready to be digested in the small intestine and go to the liver for manufacturing of new cells. 

In the small intestine we need the secretion of bile to help break the fats and carbohydrates down into smaller particles where they are transported to the liver and lymphatics. We break down proteins, carbohydrates , oils and micronutrients with different digestive enzymes and this is necessary so that they can all meet in the liver at some point and join back up again to create new cells and help our body function optimally. 

Our body needs to be able to discern between what is useful and not useful for digestion. So foods tat are simple and nourishing and not complicated by chemicals and additives are the best for our body. Thats why we want to eat simple meals in the summertime when its hot... Less strain on the body and more nourishment in the hot weather,. 

Here are my current favourites for you. 

Recipe 1. 

Fresh baby roma tomatoes with feta cheese, onion and bread. 

Dinner for two. 

This take about five minutes to prepare. 

We used a local fetta cheese from cows milk. My friends often use a coconut vegan fetta instead. Add to plate. ( protein)

We cut in half a big cupful of fresh baby roma tomatoes and sprinked them with a small amount of sea salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, Add to plate. Fibre, vitamin C, antioxidants)

Take one onion, red or brown and slice finely. Add to plate. ( silica, fibre, multiple minerals) 

Then some Ten acres fresh sourdough bread and cut in pieces. Add to plate. ( vitamin B, bulking, wheat germ,) 

We sliced up a fresh chilli and sprinkled across the top and a drizzle of olive oil. ( metabolism boosting, aid digestion, essential oils) 

Recipe 2.  

Fresh marinated asparagus and green herbs with garlic mayo. 

Serve with breads, crackers, vegetable sticks to dip. 


Simply dice finely a variety of greens, we use asparagus, mint, fennel, spinach and some celery. marinate it in some rice vinegar, a little honey or maple syrup and a pinch of salt. ( vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants, oxygenation)

Eat this one cool with some home made coco mayo. 

We make our coco mayo simply by mixing coconut yoghurt with some freshly chopped garlic and a tiny squeeze of lemon. Yumm. ( fats, immunity boosting, Alkaline system) 

You can mix the mayo in with the greens and make it a super delish dip. Or as we have it here with the mayo on the side. 

You can add this to a variety of meals or eat it on its own. What a great way to get loads of nourishment and greens into your body. 

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