Self care equals good health

What are you doing for self care? 

How do you look after yourself and make the most of each day for wellness? 

Often health  is the one thing we overlook as we go about our day... we forget to do the little things that can trigger better wellness. 

Daily rituals are the key to creating and maintaining a good health profile. 

Yes be specific. 


Have a delicious warm and immunity boost drink when you wake up to set up a day of self nurturing. This can be a chai full of nourishing and boosting spices, our favourite citrus drinks such as lemon and honey. The day can start with some stimulating and mineral rich raw cacao. What about some mushrooms like Chaga or Lions mane in a hot beverage.  Turmeric and ginger are great anti inflammation herbs to help reduce pain and increase digestion. Peppermint tea is warming and deodorising for your digestion. 

Mixing up your morning coffee with some mushrooms is a great way to nourish your body! Herbs are an important part of self care! 


Stretch, soften, breathe, relax and open your body as you awaken to a new day. Start each day as a fresh start and allow yourself to be enlivened and inspired by your own body. Walk the dog, walk with your family, ride your bike, swim, dance, sing, enjoy the morning.... 


Yes, your dedication to being productive each day is one of the most loving acts towards self care. Self care of your mind, your interests, your career, your studies, your passions and your projects. Each day make your life and your activities a joyful and progressive expression of your beautiful life and future. 


Self care is about deliciousness. Its about nourishing your body with foods that help you become more energised and full of wellbeing. This includes eating regular meals, choosing the foods you eat with care and consciousness. Taking your herbs and nourishing your mind, body, soul and emotions through the day. Nourishing your body with the goodness to help you feel positive and to boost immunity, energy and clarity. 

Tamara is great at self care, she gets up every morning and does her routine of exercise, hot lemon water and a nourishing breakfast. before her day at uni or in our herbal dispensary! 


Self care is about balance... only you can maintain your balance... this is achieved through peace of mind, stability of emotions, nourishment of body, regulation of energy and taking time for rest, relaxation and joy! Make sure you take time to smell the flowers, roll around the house and relax and get enough sleep. These things all add up to a protocol of self care. You deserve the best of self care and only you can give this to yourself! 


Support your loved ones and friends in their self care. Go along for the ride, keep them company and show that you are there for the people in your life. Hold space for the people you care about and allow them their freedom in self care. Ask for help when you need it and make the most of the goodness the world offers you. Self care is even more joyful when you can share it with others.  Make plans to care for yourself and others with good company, shared experiences and shared health care rituals. Enjoy walks, meals together, laughter, exercise, body work, massage, conversations, adventures, journeys, experiences and show up to be true to your own wellness with these joy filled moments in life. 

This is Georgie and Ben from Fresh box deliveries, they spend a lot of time looking after each other and their beautiful clients. I have a pod cast interview with them on my spotify podcast "project wellness" 

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You can heal your life with herbs, nutrition and mindset. Be calm, be healthy and have a strong emotional body, strong physical body and an active vibrant mind! We are really happy to help you. 

Have a great day and take care 

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With love and blessings Dominique Livkamal  

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