Recipes for you.... Little Parcels of Joy, served with my kitchen sink salad.

I just love cooking, and this week we made some delicious recipes for dinner. 

The first recipe is from my book The Magic of Food as medicine.... " little parcels of joy" These are small parcels made with green cabbage and stuffed with multiple vegetables, brown rice and red lentils and then tied together with string and steamed until piping hot. 

We Made these with some miso sauce and also a kitchen sink salad which is a go to favourite at home. 

This meal is almost vegan. The Little Parcels of joy can be stuffed with anything you like. The Kitchen sink salad can be whatever goes... and the miso sauce is my typical french asian fusion of deliciousness. Its really hard to stop me from adding that flavour sensation " butter" to my sauces.... 


In the recipe we made tonight I wanted to ad din lots of freshness and a real pop in your mouth deliciousness that would balance the flavours of the companion foods. The " Little parcels of joy" were hot, steamy, soft and flavoured with turmeric, black pepper, garlic and super nurturing foods. The " Miso cocnut sauce" was slaty, fermented, creamy and full in flavour. So what better to go with this than a fresh, crisp, crunchy and citrissy salad. 

A kitchen sink salad is the term I learnt from a leading Chef  Susana in Montville when she had her restaurant and made this salad with many variations. It can be anything... LIterally..... add what you want... except the kitchen sink of course.... 

What you need and how to make this recipe. 

We added the freshest mint.... roughly chopped leaves . 2 cups. 

1  large red onion diced. 

2 avocados cut into one cm pieces

1 raw beetroot cut into 1cm pieces

1 full rockmelon peeled and cut into 1cm pieces

2 crispy green apples, sliced thinly 

1 red capsicum sliced thinly. 

chunky pieces of cabbage raw that were not use din the rolls thinly sliced or diced

1 bunch  of radishes sliced. 

The dressing is my Dominique classic favourite... 

The dressing was the juice of one full lemon, 1 tablespoon of fresh honey ( from Shaye and Lees bees) and 1 pinch of australian sea salt. We also added 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Mixed it all together. 

Please enjoy these recipes.... it's such a pleasure to share them with you. 

Now directly from my book. Here is the original recipe for my cabbage rolls. I always make them different, every time.. and they always taste awesome. 


We chose this recipe to share because macadamia nuts are the local nut where we live, and they’re a great textural contrast to soft vegetables encased in cabbage. it’s everything a good nurturing meal needs to be, warm, soft, delicious and nutritious.

From the Kitchen

The steaming pot, strainer and lid

Water for the pot

4 tbsp peanut butter or macadamia nut butter

100gm of macadamia nuts, chopped finely

1 onion diced

3 carrots grated

2 cups of any other raw vegetable you want thinly sliced or grated.

The outside leaves of cabbage - enough to make up 10 small parcels. Each one needs to be about 10cm roundish.

Kitchen string
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp dry stock powder (MSG free) 1 tsp pepper

For the Witchen

Take the nuts, nut paste, carrots, vegetables, onion, stock powder, honey and pepper and
mix well. Now roll the mixture into little balls
and place those balls inside one corner of the cabbage leaf, then roll the leaf up until you have a nice little parcel. Wrap some string around them to hold them together and place a single layer of rolls in the steaming hot strainer steamer. Now, you are going to let these steam away for about 5 minutes on each side - you’ll use your tongs and turn them once. Place on little plates, pour on a dollop of your favourite sauce and enjoy!

The Magic is in the Variations

You can change the wrapping - use seaweed, cabbage, thin slices of aubergine, capsicum, ready- made rice paper wrappers. The steaming time will vary with each one. The thicker the encasing the longer it will take to cook and the harder it will be to cook the ingredients inside. You can precook the filling if necessary.

The inside ingredients can be literally anything you like, and any flavours you like. Experimenting is the perfect way to make original and delectable dishes that you may never replicate again (unless you write it down).

These little parcels of joy can be popped in the fridge and taken on picnics, to work for lunch or served cold as a salad with some of our chilli and lime Dressing. Yum.

You can purchase the ebook now on our web site.... Super sorry we have sold out of hard copies.... but the exciting news is I am working on my third book now!!! 

I will make a seperate blog on the miso coconut sauce for you to enjoy....

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