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Project Wellness Podcast Rec 3 now up. The Wellness Zone/Body Zone/ Digestive cont.

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This week has been such a change in the weather as we go truly into Autumn coolness.Sunny cool days with cold nights. Its time to look at our ability to be like the tree and shed the old leaves, come into a starkness of self that allows us to face the cold winter having shed the unnecessary leaves and old matter from ourselves, yet at the same time being like the beautiful animals who develop a deeper coat of fur, feathers and protection against the elements.

 we can think about a pre winter cleanse… My recommendations for this are to drink warm and nourishing herbal teas such as nettle and liquorice root. Make sure you drink warm drinks through the season. The beautiful Meta element foods are white and are foods such as brown rice, nourishing lentils, onions, garlic and delicious lemon juice and honey drinks.

In this  podcast edition of Project Wellness. It is my third reading from my book THE WELLNESS ZONE. Wow, its incredible how long it takes to read out so few pages. I am reading from the first section THE BODY ZONE and this is the second reading in the Digestive tract section. Please listen to the previous pod casts and enjoy them. And listen to this one. My plan is to share one reading with you each week. At the moment its all focused onTHE WELLNESS ZONE book. Then after that, and even in little intervals of that. I will be adding other health information and also interviews.

Project Wellness The Wellness Zone book audio podcast rec3. The Body Zone digestive cont. This includes 1. herbal medicines can help digestive disturbances. 2. Dietary Choices 3. Keeping a food diary 4. Get rid of parasites regularly 5. Prebiotics and Probiotics 6 Allergies. 7. Elimination Diet is the key to healing allergies.
The next podcast will cont the book readings on digestive health.
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The program for the Planting Festival has gone online and I am presenting there on the Sunday Monrning at 7.30 am in Sharmys Kitchen cooking some Golden Laksa Soup and Golden Milk. The Planting Festival is the first weekend in June 2015.


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