Raw Summertime Vegetable soup recipe

Summertime Wellness plus Zen Thai student clinics open now. Kevin James Carroll visiting Maleny in January

Welcome to my latest newsletter/ blog. 

In Maleny its been hot and feels like summer already. We’ve had a few of those beautiful summertime afternoon storms this week and they are so refreshing. We send love to people in New Zealand in the Mainland who had that terrible sequence of earthquakes this week. we send love to all of you who are healing from pain and grief in life and wish our patents and friends speedy recovery from illness.

In this blog we have news of Kevin James Carroll visiting Maleny again in January. We share the details of the latest Zen Thai student clinics and have a few nice summer time recipes for refreshing stress relief and rejuvenation. We also have details of our summer schedule and wellness shop festive season offerings. Plus our current Kundalini yoga class details in Maleny. I hope you enjoy.

I trust you enjoyed the beautiful moon over the last few days… 

The vibration of the full moon is evident for three days before its peak and for three days after. This is a time when we can reflect on what needs healing in our lives and what we want to create for ourselves and the world around us. The moon this week has been so beautiful and powerful. Its a great time to reflect on your life and look forward into your future and decide what you want to develop further. Make a mental note to look after yourself and be positive in your thoughts. Create time each day to meditate and be still in your mind.. Take the thoughts that come in your meditations and let them pass through your mind like waves coming to the beach, coming in and going again.. thats what we can do with our thoughts, let them come and let them go.. watch them like the ocean and don’t hold onto them… they are passing.. be the observer in your mind… then take ideas and concepts that you know will serve your best interests and allow them to become something meaningful in your life… Let go of the fears, the illusions and the fantasies… develop the meaningful , doable and practical aspects of your thoughts into actions that will improve yourself and your world. This full moon is very much about that and about us developing understanding of what is for our highest good and what needs to be finally dropped and released into the abyss of the past… allowing us a brighter and more confident future.


Herbs are our first medicine. 

Taking a natural and positive approach to wellness can benefit us and those around us.. There are beautiful herbal medicines to help us feel better within and to allow us a deeper sense of positivity and stress relief. It gets busier as the festive season approaches and sometimes old feelings of anxiety and pressure emerge as we take on the extra work load needed for us to have some relaxation time with friends and family. One of the things about summer and festive activities is that we need to prepare gifts, foods and celebration events for everyone we love. We all want to have a joyous time over summer and to truly feel relaxed.

Taking nervine herbs can really help Simple herbal teas such as lemon balm. passion floweer, chamonile and damiana are great for your daily drinks. Making herbal teas and popping them in the fridge and drinking as cooling beverages is refreshing and calming. Simply make a pot of herbal tea, let it cool down and then filter into a jog and cool down. add some ice and a sprig of mint or basil when you serve these drinks for some easy relaxing medicine and a nice alcohol free drink to share with visitors and family.  Add some honey and lemon juice for extra antii inflammatory benefits

lemon and honey drink

Raw summertime vegetable soup 

We had our Pain and inflammation workshop here on the weekend. I made one of my delicious versions of Raw Summertime vegetable soup.

Simply take cucumber, tomato, red onion, basil, mint and lemon juice with a dash of salt and some spices of your choice and dice very finely. or run through the bullet. Place in a jar in the fridge and leave over night. Then serve chilled at lunch or dinner the next day. Its refreshing, delicious and goes down a treat. Read holistic Bliss magazine in Dec and Jan edition and my full version of tis recipe is in there, its a great festive season soup that is raw, fresh and hydrating with loads of health benefits.


Herbal formulas can help you stay stress free and reduce your risk factors for nervous system deterioration in this busy time of the year. Please chat with us about adrenal recovery, energy boosting formulas and sleep herbs. we offer these medicines to our patients with formulas individually made for your needs. we have both aqua ethanol versions and alcohol free options for the whole family. Taking preventative herbals can help you function better and feel better. Its a good plan… In ancient medical cultures the physician was paid to help the family stay well, its a great way to prevent illness taking your daily dose of non addictive, natural and beneficial herbals.. we are super happy to help you.

Zen thai student clinic on this week and places available. 

Gwyn Williams has completed another amazing year with his newest batch of Zen Thai Shiatsu practitioners and they are holding a student clinic on Thursdays. This week they have some rare vacancies. So if you are on the sunny coast please see the details below and make your booking. I completed this course two years ago and just love the practice. Its so healing and rejuvenating. This is based at Mt Ninderry on the Sunshine coast and easy access for everyone living in the area. Treat yourself to a healing treatment for relaxation before the craziness of the festive season starts.. You will feel so much better and these new graduates are fully trained now, so its a real treat for your mind and body. Please call Gwyn directly if you are free this Thursday to experience this wonderful therapy 0416746996. He has some vacancies and would love you to share the day with these new practitioners.



Come and visit us at our Maleny clinic for your personalised naturopathy session with me.we are open weekly and have appointments available for you if you want to connect with me and experience one of my sessions. We are at Eumundi Markets each Saturday.

The medicineroom will be closed for clinics, Eumundi markets free cliinics and postal services from December 22nd until January 10th. we will however be at Woodford Folk Festival offering our free clinics there daily from 7am till 11pm with our herbal elixir bar and lotus chai on offer. We are located near the Blue Lotus venue.

Kundalini yoga classes at Maleny yoga centre on Weds afternoons 4pm till 5.20pm for the next four weeks with me $10 per person. Please join us, no bookings needed and we go to a local restaurant for dinner afterwards together, you are welcome to join us. I am offering these classes until the 14th December as a refreshing way to get ready for the festive season and to calm our mind and body with the teachings of yogi Bhajan.

Our wellness shop is open for online orders of herbal skin balms and body products freight free for christmas festive joy. Please order soon so that we can get the products to you freight free in good time for gifts.



We are hosting Kevin James Carroll on January 27th here on the mountain for his chanting heartsong circle. We will let you know the location and ticketing soon. Save the date. This will be awesome again and we love it when Kev comes to town and shares his music with us all.

kevin James - Michael Julian Berz photography-0704


We love sharing our wellness and joy with you. Blessings to you for all you are and all that you can become. Be positive and look to the future with appreciation for the past, yes a definitive knowledge that we are here now, we are At-ha… that is the first yogic sutra from the ancient texts that means now.. now present in this moment. now is all we have . now is where we need to stay in awareness,keeping our hearts and minds aware and open, knowing that what has gone can not be relived and what is to come is unknown.. At- ah  now…. its beautiful… and a great way to live. Enjoying each moment for what it is.. accepting the circumstances in life and doing our best to make each moment as joyful and as vibrant as possible… Blessings to you and yours.


Have a great day and we wish you wellness.

with love

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