Raise your health vibration with optimal foods and herbs!

Raise your health vibration with optimal foods and herbs!


When you think about health, go to two places. Go to your brain for master functioning and go to your cells for intricate tuning. Everything else in the body will function optimally when you concentrate on these two aspects.

Our Brain for master hormonal secretions from gondatropin releasing hormone in the anterior pituitary  gland controls all hormones and the whole endocrine system. Also our entire nervous system, in fact everything is controlled from the brain, its our gateway in meditation to the higher consciousness, it is our ability to be defined and logical and focused and successful and controlled from within. Yes, The chemical, energetic and pure control of the brain really make this the place to focus on for good health.

Our Cells are the essence of everything we are, they are the builders of all organs and they are the radars for all frequencies and energies that we vibrate to. They are who decides our level of energy and our level of wellness on all levels, emotionally, physically etc. So, really, its a big deal to focus on your cells and how they are for great health. Because every cell in our body is a living, breathing vibrating essence that is biochemically activated to replicate itself, programmed to carry out its functions and energetically tuning into everything else in the world around it. Our cells are the basis of our health.

Herbs are so important as brain and cellular medicines because they are natural and the body easily assimilates them. The body recognises that nature is the most gentle and perfect healer. Herbs are natures first medicine and herbs are easy to digest when they have been extracted correctly taking into account the active constituents of the herbs and the biochemistry of your body. Herbs will find their way through your body to the exact place they are needed. They will work on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic qualities. They are a synergistic masterpiece of beautiful healing light. Herbs do work on a scientific, and vibrational level They are proven magic! Herbs help every aspect of the body to health and herbs will help you resonate with good health in so many ways.

Herbs that really tick all the boxes for brain and cells to make into a great tonic Ginkgo Biloba , my number one  brain and cellular herb because it  gets in  and boosts the cell on every level. It increases circulation to the brain, and all body. Its a super antioxidant and protects the brain and cells its really a great herb.  It is a magical  herb and in my books THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE and THE WELLNESS ZONE 2nd ed. You can read all about so many herbs and why they are so amazing for health. My second favorite is Hypericum. That is because hypericum helps emotions and makes you feel good, if you feel good your brain is calm and your cells are vibrating to a higher frequency and they are happy and you are healthier. Then we have the adaptogenic herbs, they are the ones that take the whole body into account and that usually includes some good mind aspects and also some really good cellular ones too. So we are talking withania, astragalus, panax ginseng, eleutherococcus sinensis, bacopa moniera. Translated to common name ashwaganda,astragalus, Korean ginseng, siberian ginseng, brahmi)  They are good. really good and I also love echinacea too for these aspects. Energetically I think that these are the keys to wonderful health.

My  Best Plan for diet  

Antioxidants, Antioxidants and more antioxidants. Clean foods, fruits and vegetables that are grown locally and preferably organically. They are so important to keep you vibrating at a healthy level. Keep your food clean, cook when you are happy, put happy energy in your food and you will be healthier. Lots of fruits and vegetables lots of berries, red foods, purple foods the flavonoid class of active constituents that are in food.  This has all been well researched and in my book THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE. Its the number one aspect for this health. Lots of antioxidants and make sur eyou have vitamin C in there. We dont make it ourselves and its essential to sweep out toxins and repair your adrenals and energise your cells.

Protein, especially L glutamine the amino acid that has capacity to go through the Blood Brain Barrier and assist with many functions. However Protein generally is perfect brain food. Complete protein contains the essential amino acids we need and its the key to a focused and healthy mind. Protein is the key to a vibrant and energetic mind set. If you eat protein you will feel clearer and you will feel the ability to be more focused. Its my number one brain food. Nuts, seeds, eggs, whole protein foods. I love pea protein Powder, mix that with some juice and its delicious and protein packed. On a cellular level protein is the basic building block it is required for DNA and RNA replication and also for cellular respiration. Its the number one for cellular development.

Water is necessary to keep it all flowing, it increases the capacity of circulation in the mind and flushes. Water also helps you feel clear and focused. Water is essential in my book the wellness zone second edition I talk about water and the way it is processed in the body, its fascinating and the fact that we make our own water from protein residue is very interesting indeed. We are a miracle of nature and we are so awesome in the way we function. Water is so important. Water cleanses the cells, it nourishes them with nutritional benefits, water keeps everyone vibrating to the frequency that you resonate to, water keeps the messages flowing about health, wellness, positivity. All those mental affirmations and meditations are carried to every cell in your body through the master messenger of energy, yes I’m talking about water. Or specifically two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen equals a flowing vibrational happy messenger who will keep you in tune with you!

And then we have essential fatty acids. In the form of omega three, six, and nine. These are found in Flaxseed oil, oily fish such as Salmon and Tuna. The reason they are called essential fatty acids is because the body needs to take them in foods. Now, I like to make m own essential fatty acids with eating my favorite spirulina. You see, fish don’t naturally have these acids, they synthesise them from seaweed. So, lets all eat algae and seaweed. All those super green drinks. Perfect.  The super green algaes also alkalise the body, they work as a macrophage on a cellular level to carry out toxins and poisons from your body. They do this harmlessly as they encase the toxin and take it safely through your blood stream and out through your urine.  However the biggie on essential fatty acids on a cellular level is that they are necessary to encase every cell, yes that double layered phospholipid cell wall is controlling all physical matter that goes in and out of the cell and it is controlling the flow. Very important if you want healthy cellular replication and if you want our cells to stay healthier, and with hold the ageing process for longer.

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Sat Nam, With light, love and blessings

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Dominique Liv Kamal MstHlthProm, Bch Hlth Sc Comp Med, ND, Nutritionist, herbalist, journalist.