Prioritise yourself! And then you'll be good for everyone else.

Welcome to my blog today... Spring has sprung and its sunny and beautiful here on the Sunshine Coast. 


Prioritising ourself is something we all need to do! Have you heard the saying " healer heal thy self" or the classic " Look after yourself and then you will be able to look after everyone else"? Both of these sayings ring true for many of us. And for good reason......

How can we be good for anyone else when we can't be good to ourselves? Typically we see lots of patients who are so lovely, caring, hardworking and prioritise everything else and skip "me" in the line up of life. 

This happens sometimes , and thats fine. But, when its happening all the time and when you are coming last each day, everyday then its time for a shake up and a change up towards your own wellness. 

Breathe.... image from the new social Worker (reg)

Pic by the new social worker and is registered... Its beautiful and thats why we added it here. Thanks for the usage. xoxo 

Here are some tips to help you hardworking, loving, super busy people develop self time.

1. Get up half an hour earlier and go for a walk, do some yoga, have a bath, breathe, relax and start the day in a calm and self loving way. Make this your self loving practice. 

2. Change the way you think of time... Remember time shrinks and expands according to the time allotted to it... In other words, be spacious with yourself... Instead of thinking in "rush" mode... start to think in "calm" mode...

3.The language we use around any experience determines that experience. So make the language one of positivity, solution based and can do with a expansive perspective.... If you find this hard at first then allocate extra time on each task so that you do feel more relaxed about it.

4. Book yourself some treats... a movie, a day out, get a new book to read, an exercise class, a walk with a friend, a date with yourself! Now its a good thing to spend the day shopping for clothes you love, waking along a big open beach followed by lunch in a nice cafe etc... 

5. Start to prioritise what you need and what you want in the business of the day. This includes cooking favourites you love for meals and everyone else can enjoy them too. It includes playing the music you want to play in the car on those trips you make for everyone else, taking the children to school,  driving the co workers around. You can even make suggestions and help manage your time with others better and try taking out some of the pressure. 

6. Take a day when you just stop, fast on water or juices and laze around the house wit nothing to do and nowhere to go. You deserve it... You may need to schedule it in... but hey... this is your beautiful life and you are the priority! 

We had an awesome day on Sunday sharing herbal first aid at our Long Table wellness day xoxo

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