Preventing future illness is a priority for us all!

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Our first free clinic at Moffats beach was booked out and we had fun. If you want to come and see me for a private 25 minute clinic I'm running another one this month. On the last Thursday in March. 

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Heres me at he market on Saturday having some elderberry extract from our organic dispensary... 

Preventing future illnesses is a priority for us all. Did you read my blog about the Coronavirus 19 a few weeks ago. In that blog I gave you some great herbal tips and naturopathic advice on how to avoid this virus. We now know that it seams to target the elderly and children seam to be more rubust. This is great news for children.  However we need to protect our elderly family members especially those who are prone to lung conditions. We also know from the cruise ship that was left meandering off the Japanese coast that this virus does not spread rapidly and that all who are exposed to it do not get it. It's an experimental situation and we all need to protect ourselves. 

However the bad news is that it is now multi spread across the globe. It's reported in many many countries and that means that it could spread so far and so broad that it becomes a common virus in the future and that mass populations will be exposed to this virus over the next few months onwards. Thats the biggest fear with this virus. Not that you will die, but that it will become common globally and that is the frightening part. because if it becomes common then that gives scope for more deadly and more complex cross species viruses to develop. We all need to be aware of this info. 

What can you do? What can I do? 

Apart from all of the obvious hygiene and avoidance scenarios which are sweeping through the internet at the moment, lots of them logical practical solutions. You can take herbal medicines to help boost your immunity and to help arrest the virus. 

I made a #IGTV clip on Saturday pointing out all the health benefits, antiviral benefits and antioxidant benefits of a specific herb we love called Elderberry.  Elderberry is Sambucus nigra a tree that grows all over the world. Traditionally its been used for colds, flus and to reduce blood pressure and protect the body from toxins and oxidation. 

When we take elderberry extract research has shown that it works specifically for bird viruses and many others. Evidence to work against chicken infectious bronchitis. Some research that showed it can stop these viruses at the onset and that it can help stop the virus if you have the virus and you take elderberry extract then it will stop the virus at later stages too. Other research has shown that it stops 10 different viruses which is great news if you are exposed to more than one at the time. 

We are recommending to our patients that you contact us and we add some elderberry into your next tonic, daily blend and immunity blend. Isn't it wonderful that we have this herb in the dispensary and can offer it to you now. Prevention is better than cure and my rationale that you add Elderberry extract to your daily regime is that if you have these qualities in your body and you are exposed to the virus then the antimicrobial benefits of the herbs will stop you getting the virus and stop it dead in its tracks. Its the same rationale that we use for immuno modulatory herbs.... And research has also shown that elderberry targets your immunity and helps it be more selective in its virus hunting abilities.. I love this. The perfect herb for now! 


Let us help you when you are busy, conscious of your health and wanting simple doable solutions. We can have you feeling well and vibrant with our consultations, conversations, herbal medicines and practical daily dietary solutions that are organic, natural and great value. 


You can heal your life with herbs, nutrition and mindset. Be calm, be healthy and have a strong emotional body, strong physical body and an active vibrant mind! We are really happy to help you. 

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