Full Line up FOLK MEDICINE @Woodfordfolkfestival 2019/20


Let me introduce you to a world of wellness. A place where you can enjoy the best of life and have a great feeling of health and fun together in one place. 

This is your start to the festival day!

Yes my friends we are super proud and honoured to introduce you to the people who are gathering to bring a complete wellness, yoga, conscious health and fun festival for you at  FOLK MEDICINE The Woodford Folk festival. 

Dedicated  wellness spaces flow freely amongst the 130,000 plus rumble of awesome humans There are  a variety of morning exercises, yogas, pilates, tai chi, conscious dance and meditations. Food vendors have been invited to provide you with many great dietary options including fresh, organic, vegan, plant based, vegetarian, clean and wholesome foods and beverages, sharing the festival space with happy people. This year we have some traditional smoke healing ceremonies to cleanse you from the past and open your energy to the bliss of each day. 

The day just gets better as you can listen to leading experts sharing education, academia, wisdom and knowledge. We bring together speakers, workshops and offerings . You can breathe into a new healing, chant into a new mind set and dance yourself into a shakti frenzy amongst your old and new festival friends! and you can sit back and learn some new health trends and even find a few solutions to your health concerns. 

Get a cuppa, sit back and enjoy. We have divided this into two sections. 

1. Workshops and presenters 

2. Yoga, meditation, dance and movement.  


Traditional Women healers of North East Arnhem Land. 

We are a beautiful healing group of women that come from North East Arnhem Land. Led by Gumatj clan leader, elder and Healer, Eunice Djerrknu Marika, Yirritja woman, whom with her sisters and granddaughters seek to share with indigenous and non indigenous peoples their sacred and traditional healing ways and extraordinary bush medicines and unique colourful and vibrant Yolngu Cuture.

Eunice Djerrknu Marika is an important Gumatj elder and healing Woman in her community of Nhulunbuy, on the peninsula of North East Arnhem Land. She is known as one of the Seven sisters, and travels and heals with her sister Dorothy Djakkanu Yunupingu, and her granddaughters, Lydia Yulula Marika, Djubula Janaya Munungurritj and Gimiyala Gwen Burarrwanga.

These ladies will bring with them their bush medicine leaves used for healing and smoking ceremonies, their sacred traditional knowledge passed on to them by their own mothers and grandmothers, as well as their beautiful Dreamtime stories and songs.

Bruce Lipton 

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognised leader in bridging science and spirit. A stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, in 1982, Dr. Lipton began examining the principles of quantum physics and how they might be integrated into his understanding of the cell’s information processing systems. His discoveries, which ran counter to the established scientific view that life is controlled by the genes, presaged one of today’s most important fields of study, the science of epigenetics.

Breathe of Bliss with Christabel Zamor USA 

Christabel Zamor is the founder of Breath of Bliss Academy, a somatic mystery school which approaches air as plant medicine to commune with the heart, higher self and soul.  If you experienced her sessions last year you will know how light and wonderful you feel when breathe work becomes part of your festival experience. Live music by Lee Hardisty and his band. 

Emily Rigby

A horticultural research scientist, Emily has been working in the field of medical cannabis since legislative changes came into effect in 2016. She is Director of Research and Compliance for Cannatrek and Director of Research Programs for the Australian Institute for Medical Cannabis Inc.

Cannabis contains over 700 unique chemical compounds with various therapeutic benefits, synergistic effects, medical uses and industrial applications. Emily believes it’s high time we removed the stigma surrounding this magnificent herb.


Kathleen Bennett

A clinical herbalist, writer, researcher, botanist and lecturer, Kathleen enjoys sharing herbal and plant information with her audiences. In 1959, Kathleen discovered the edible and medicinal field guides of Euell Gibbons which has sparked 50 years of discovery. 

Learn how to balance plant actions with your energies and create herbal tea blends tailored to you and your family. Kathleen covers everything from formulation techniques to making teabags.

Andrew Pengelly

Dr Andrew has had a 40 year career as an herbal practitioner and naturopath, university lecturer, researcher, field botanist and aromatherapist. He is focused on the distillation of essential oils from the bush, teaching the skills of distillation and combining herbs with essential oils for clinical applications. 

Using a 40L copper alembic still and a selection of our native plants, Andrew brings to life the ancient craft of distillation.

Nirala Jacobi

Dr Nirala is a naturopathic physician who specialises in digestive disorders. She is the host of the popular podcast The SIBO Doctor Podcast for Practitioners, and has a digestive specialty clinic, The Biome Clinic in northern NSW. 

Do you suffer from bloating, diarrhoea, constipation or other digestive problems? SIBO is now believed to be the main cause of irritable bowel syndrome, a condition affecting millions of people world wide.

Pratima Michele Mumford

The most popular astrologer in Bali for 20 years, studying the movements of the planets and how they affect individuals and world events, Pratima is fascinated by the synthesis of spirituality and physics. 

Astrologers everywhere predict the January 2020 alignment to be a critical crossroad for humanity.

Sacred Geometry 

Graphic artist, singer-songwriter, and former Australian junior chess champion, Narada is the author and illustrator of Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life - a Higher Dimensional Perspective on an Ancient Wisdom Stream.

What can geometry teach us about developing the health of our body and mind? How does sacred geometry relate to yoga, nutrition, exercise and meditation?

Sam Manger 

Medical doctor, podcaster, educator and entrepreneur Dr Sam is the President of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and an international speaker. His work inspires health and ethical living at all levels of society – individual, community, cultural and environmental. 

Dementias such as Alzheimers disease, vascular dementia and others are increasing in prevalence and are largely resistant to all known medications. Dr Sam covers the impressive evidence for lifestyle medicine therapies and new technology in preventing and reversing dementia and optimising brain health.

Jane Hutton 

Narrative therapist, mental health social worker and trainer, Jane practices as a therapist and is the author of two sets of transformative cards that aim to turn failure upside down. 

A series of illustrated question cards will help us unpack and challenge the ideas around what it is to be ‘normal’, and how it may remove us from what really matters: our hopes, dreams and values.

Dean Aitken

An expert in the field of grief, Dean helps transform lives through sharing a number of practices he’s gathered on his life journey. An author and specialist funeral celebrant, he explains ‘good’ grief and how its connotations are not all bad.

Dean is an Australian civil celebrant in both weddings and funerals. His key message is: “Grief is okay, grief is good.”

Cyril Bourke and Chris Henderson 

An IBM trained engineer, Cyril spent eight years in a clinic combining the use of biofeedback and energy therapy, and was part of the team that developed the NES mihealth. Chris is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner coaching clients through diet, rest, exercise and stress reduction principles. 

Cyril and Chris give a practical demonstration of how electro- magnetics and light can affect our daily lives. Understanding these potentially harmful energies and learning how to reduce our exposure can have a positive influence on our health.

Gary Martin

A naturopath based in the Noosa hinterland, Gary runs a health retreat which he founded in 1990. He offers education, treatments and recovery programs to create optimal wellness for his patients. 
Our bodies are remarkable organisms that are capable of healing and cleansing themselves. However, there are measures we can take to assist and encourage this natural process. Learn about the numerous benefits of a safe physical detox.



Kari is a musician, artist and a weaver of ceremony. Having conducted hundreds of ceremonies over the past 10 years, she dives into the realms of emotions; happiness and grief, exhilaration and sorrow. 

Life’s milestones and ceremonial occasions can be enriching, engaging and enlivening. Ever wondered how to reclaim ceremony from the boring to support a meaningful sense of life?

Joanne Mcneill

A proud, queer, bisexual living in Brisbane, Joanne is passionate about bringing respectful and thoughtful conversation about identity and diversity to the forefront of community. 

Joanne’s three bisexual panellists, share their identity stories and answer some curly questions: Are bisexuals just going through a phase? Do they really exist? This panel also covers some crunchy discussions about gender, mental health and social stigma

Waratah Karleu

An intimacy consultant and holistic sex and relationship therapist, Waratah facilitates safe, empowering conversations around sex, sexuality, intimacy and relationships using both Eastern and Western modalities.

Most of us have not been engaged in a meaningful and empowering conversation about sex, sexuality and intimacy. Gain some grounded, practical skills to increase your intimate intelligence. (Parental guidance is recommended for attendees under 18).


Chris Lane 

As a member of Oka, Xavier Rudd and the United Nations, Kevin James Carroll and as a solo artist, Chris has performed across the world. His work spans the universal concepts of flow, movement, transformation and presence, with bamboo flute, guitar, beats and high vibes. 

Chris Lane invites you to enjoy the beats and feel music as vast as the oceans, as deep and eternal as the rhythm of life.

Medicine Woman Dance 

Pascale Richy is a medicine woman, helping you move through your physical, emotional and mental boundaries, through her work in dance and music, and as a naturopath. She is joined by sister Natalie, a percussionist trained in African and Cuban traditions, and guitarist/songwriter Murray Wall.  

Are you ready to face ‘you’? Your cells hold so many memories and what do we do with them? Year in and year out, we ignore them, but not today. Face your beauty and dance.

Lulu & Mischka  

Musicians and inner peace facilitators, drawing upon ancient earth wisdoms from east and west, Lulu & Mischka guide people to unite in sound and silence through the power of chanting. 

Lulu & Mischka create a pure and joyful space for deep connection and transformation. Ancient mantras and medicine prayers are ecstatic, meditative and blissful.

Gwyn Williams 

Zenthai Shiatsu bodywork was created by Gwyn and is a combination of Thai massage, oriental medicine, osteopathy, fascia body work and innovative free flow. Gwyn is a leader in the field of yoga and bodywork. 

Mandalas remind us of sacredness, impermanence, colour and connection. In this class the circle comes alive through fluid movement. Feel the nourishment of touch, support of another, uplift of joy and power of presence with Gwyn Williams and Chris Lane.

Erin Ashley

A mindfulness, yoga and meditation teacher, Erin runs yoga and empowerment retreats, events and courses all over the world, and bases herself on the Sunshine Coast. As a former marine scientist, she weaves the laws of nature through her teachings. 

Discover a fresh approach to moving your body, breath and mind first thing, and feel the impact on your day and life ahead.

Luke Wright

Luke brings his simple, profound and clear insight to his shared meditations, whether in silent presence or guiding participants. Luke is a meditation teacher, Zenthai Shiatsu therapist and teacher. 

Join this morning meditation offering guidance and mindfulness. We give space to connect to our most recent environment, we listen deeply to its energy and its presence. We land to realise our unity with our environment.

The OM people

With over 30 years combined experience in yoga and meditation, Josh Blau and Irene Ais share the transformational power of Hatha yoga.

To engage with the world with integrity we must build an open, powerful heart and understand how to stay connected to our centre.

Join Josh and Irene for a kirtan to open the heart. Based on ancient chants, kirtan has the ability to quiet the mind if listened to with intention.

New Earth Metta

Ben and Sara bring quartz crystal chakra bowls, yidaki (didgeridoo), North American flute, tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, hang drum, drums, ancient vocal toning, Sanskrit chanting to romance the soul and quiet the mind. 

Immerse yourself in the ancient knowing that full relaxation, combined with breath, visualisation and divine music can help you transform your life.

Elements Embodied

Sally’s teachings are deeply inspired by nature’s cycles and our human potential, guiding you through awakening and balancing practices with your breath, body and heart. Her offerings are informed by the five element system of Taoist philosophy. 

Where your attention goes, energy flows. The Taoists were pioneers in transforming and optimising the inner realities of their energy (Qi), heart-mind state and physical health.

 Brisbane yoga space

Anya and Moe teach a healing and invigorating Vinyasa practice blending awareness with strength, movement and breath. Integrating creative dynamic flow and meditation into each class they provide a truly balanced, grounded and holistic experience. 

A dynamic moving meditation practice embracing breath, music, yoga and dance, this session is designed to invigorate the body and uplift the spirit.

Sherrelle Dolphin 

Movement instructor and performer Sherrelle has returned to performing, this time as a dancer. She believes that we are capable of reaching our goals, step by step, with consistent work and a positive attitude. 

Explore a traditional pilates practice with yoga and relaxation to finish Music by The Lee Hardisty Band. 

The Lee Hardisty Band

Jon Worsley, Nathaniel Combes, Hayden Hack and Lee Hardisty make great music together. Lee has spent a lifetime traveling and playing.

You will see these men pop up at yoga classes and workshops sharing the love and providing a musical vibe!  

Rod Fergusson Tai Chi Master 

Rod has been a full time professional tai chi qigong teacher for 43 years, and shares practical techniques that can be used every day toward continued improvement in your wellbeing. 

Stretch your arms and heart in a tai chi class for joy, enthusiasm and spirit, to soar like an eagle.

Karen Reid

A student of Quantum Chi Master Yang, and a practitioner for 18 years, Karen’s specialty is nei gong or ‘inner skill’, a Chinese art that creates new life connections with our universe for our best health and balance, while unlocking our potential.

Explore our unique relationships with natural energy and how they can transform lives, liberate identity and unlock potential. These easy, immediately effective practices create an internal balance, shedding light on who we are. (Due to the nature of this experience, participants should plan to stay for the duration and must arrive five minutes early to be seated.)

Yogi Kunga

Originally from Tibet, Kunga lived in exile in Dharamsala before coming to Australia in 2010. Kunga has studied Hatha yoga systems, traditional Tibetan healing practices and Buddhist philosophy. 

Tibetan singing bowls are a vibrating bell with a rich, deep tone, traditionally used as a meditation tool by casting a subtle ethereal sound.

Ian Draaisma

Influenced by Tibetan yoga masters Krishnamacharya and Desikachar, and Tibetan heart yoga, Ian established the Bodhi Yoga Centre after a series of sports injuries lead to a journey to yoga, pranayama and meditation.

Be still within the movement by connecting with the mind through body awareness and breath.

Chi Master Yang

A healer for more than 50 years, Master Yang works with and communicates with chi, like the conductor of an orchestra bringing each individual instrument into the collective, most harmonious sound. Join this unique communication with Heaven’s music, and not only will you feel, sense and absorb energy for total body recharging, but receive the immediate benefits of powerful healing. 

Master Yang conducts both heaven and earth chi flowing to open you to health and fulfilment, clear up ailments and build up emotional strength and wisdom.


Come and join us. 

We celebrate this event with you and welcome you to come and enjoy six days of the best wellness presenters and celebrations. Each year we change the program and the health and wellness aspect of The Woodford folk festival takes a full year to produce. The programmers involved run various spaces across the event and you can enjoy something new each day. 

Bring your yoga mat, your gear and a bottle of water to sessions. Visit the myriad of wellness stalls and food vendors through the festival. Have a massage, get therapy, treatments, herbal medicines, body products and wonderful new ideas to take home for 2020. 

With Love Dominique Livkamal on behalf of the programmers who put this together. 

For information please contact www.woodfordfolkfestival.com