Nurturing our resilience and optimism today!

How are you today? 
The theme of todays blog is  resilience and optimism. I like that topic because it's something we can all look at and nurture now in our lives. Especially now. Many of us are stressed, not working in our usual way and having to adapt and pivot at alarming rates to keep up with whats going on around us. 
Whats the difference between hope and optimism?   Optimism is state of mind where it doesn't matter so much whats going on around us, we have this enduring characteristic and its a quality that pulls us through the hard decisions and the hard days. Its the glass half full scenario. 
Hope is  actions we take to hope that the outcome is good. The glass half empty, we need to work on lifting the bar and we aim towards optimism as the goal! 
Finding fun stuff to do with your loved ones in your bubble creates happiness! 
We need to work on this stuff. Gratitude, mindfulness. Increasing   oxytocin secretions through connection and meditation. there are ways we can boost optimism. we can increase optimism with experiences of positive emotion, inspiration, care, love, gratitude, happiness.  This is the time to search out experiences of these for the daily life. Look for  serenity, pride, love, amusement as all of these can boost optimism. 
if you are low or flat do practices that help you develop more optimism and see the silver lining. Embelish the ideas of this and not be so focused on all that you have to deal with. 
People are struggling to keep optimism and hope in daily lives at the moment with the external inputs from media etc. There is a lot of negativity.How difficult is it for you to hold your strong optimism? and strong hopes for the future ? 
Are you doubting the resilience that you normally have? Pivoting and adapting to the environment around us. Pivoting is a skill of  staying exactly where you are and re orientating where you are in every way.  Right now a super power you may develop is changing your orientation, and doing that often.  Thats a helpful perspective when you want to understand whats going on a little clearer. Just know it's all in constant flux. 
 Some skills to help us develop our resilience now are having a routine and sticking to it. Managing your own behaviour and recognising the significance of routine in your life. 
This helps settle the mind and creates a sense of calmness. 
It's important for people who are certain bio types and how swayed you are in your environment to keeping day and night routines the same. 
Remind yourself of what you did when your children were small. how did you fairly quickly get in a routine of dinner, bath, story, bed. 
Have a routine at each end of the day. An example is Wake up, shower, tea, yoga, then starting the day. Evening might be Dinner, shower, meditation, sleep. 
Here are three evidence based strategies for developing resilience. 
Having routines through the day settles our mind and allows us to develop more resilience to the tumbling movement in the world around us! 
1. Take care of your wellbeing. the principles of lifestyle medicine and thats the basis of our capacity to maintain our strengths. 
2. Build connections. we need physical distancing and social connection an thats how we build and maintain our optimism. 
3. Having a purpose and having something to do that reinforces the purpose of our own lives, tapping into that every day. 
Listen to  other peoples views as this builds resilience. Take what your've got and meet in groups, support each other come together, social connectiveness. If we can talk about whats difficult and trust that other people will take that gently and we don't feel bad about ourselves because we are meeting our vulnerabilities. Be adaptable, thats the key to maintaining resilience and optimism.
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Here are the latest statistics where you can see live statistics globally. I am consistently shocked at how the numbers just jump overnight. And I am also impressed with the responsibility we are all taking to curb the growth rates of this epidemic and potential threat to our wellness. 

Please keep in contact with us and let us know if we can help you. 

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Have a great day and take care 

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