We support QLD now! 25% discount on 500ml Herbal Hand cleanser with pump.

How lucky have we been with all the lock downs and hard times in QLD. Our freedom has been superb and we have spent all summer living happily with little stresses compared to the rest of the world. 

This week we have had community transmissions and its three days of lock down in Brisbane. For the goodness of public health we need to maintain our own sanitiser practices and to make sure we clean our hands often. In face more often than usual! The UK strain of this illness is fast moving and we are in the unfortunate position that we have been fortunate! If that makes sense. Here on the Sunshine Coast we have been so lucky in the past and now for the first time we are asked to change our ways and be vigilant.  

We are offering you our  500ml herbal hand sanitiser express posted to you today for 25% discount! yes thats right. We are also offering a free small 50ml herbal hand sanitiser with all orders this week over $50. 

This is an automatic discount code. So for each bottle you buy you will automatically receive 25% discount at checkout.. We also upgrade your freight to express post on all 500ml herbal hand sanitiser orders. 

This bottle is 500ml glass with a black pump pack. Picture does not show pump. 

If you would prefer us to post in a 500ml PET plastic bottle with black pump please make a note at check out. 

We also have 5 litre refills for retail and studios. there are some cool little signs for you too if you have a commercial environment you want to pop these on, see the pic here. 


Have a lovely day and this is one way we can support you now! 


Blessings Dominique