Organic nourishing vegan broth now available for strengthening energy

Try my nourishing broth base today.  160 grams 

(  posted in vacuum seal bag, or pick up from our dispensary in a glass jar ) 

Contains rehmannia, shitake mushroom, Garlic, astragalus and Dong quai. 

Good for building blood ki, adrenal support , warming, nourishing and energising herbal nourishing base for your soups, winter cleansing days and as a warming fortifying and recovery drink. 

Mix with miso, or vegetable stock. 

1. Mix the contents so you have an even amount of each herb. Boil 40 grams of my base with 1 litre of water for 30 minutes, strain off the herbs. You are making a decoction which is a traditional way to extract these herbs. You will have about 700ml of liquid at the end. ( estimation, the more you reduce the liquid the more concentrated the blend will become) 

2. Add in your miso or vegetable stock to taste. 

3. Either use as the base for other meals such as soups, sauces, casseroles. Or drink as it is. 

We love this as a mono drink when fasting and cleansing on winter days. 

Drink when you have your monthly period to build up your blood and energy 

Give to anyone who is recovering from illness or who has a winter illness such as flu or cold to warm them, support body and strengthen. 

Available now on our web site .