New Years Best Wishes to You! Come to Sri Lanka with me in Feb 2017 my friends for a journey of food and wellness

New Years Best Wishes to You! Come to Sri Lanka with me in Feb my friends for a journey of food and wellness

Hello and happy new years blessings and manifestations of wellness and beauty in your lives! 

What a beautiful life we live! We are so blessed to be in Australia. I am always grateful for the beauty and political safety we have here. The Woodford Folk Festival just finished and we are home now preparing for the market tomorrow at Eumundi. The weather over the festival stayed sultry, hot and fairly dry… Then the rain came after we arrived home in Maleny and its just beautiful. Grey skies and intermittent rain all day. Great for relaxing and also great for getting the herbals organised again.

We operated The Medicineroom in The Blue Lotus precinct and it was our forth pilot of the Herbal Elixir Bar and its getting better and more refined. If you visited us there please email me and give me your feedback on where you think we can develop the medicneroom’s presentation and services in the Festival. I like to constantly refine, so please let us know your views.

The Folk Medicine Program across the Festival was supported by some of the best Australian and International presenters in wellness and health care. Each year the program becomes more niche with our demographic and once again we did some amazing yoga sessions, listened to emerging nutritional and medicinal trends, and we got to dance, and chant and sleep while doing yoga again! Thank you everyone who contributed to this collective vision of peace and high vibes!

Kevin James Carroll our beloved friend is coming over again on Feb 27th to Maleny for some singing with us! That will be fun. We are preselling tickets at $25 and they will be the same price at the door. We are in The Maleny Yoga Centre for the evening which is super comfy with carpets so please bring pillows and blankets if its a cool evening. Not sure whether we will have any tickets left for the door on the night so please buy online at my website and there is a facebook event up with ticketing link.. The last time I sang with Kev was at Byron Spirit Fest last year and it was so uplifting and beautiful… I encourage you to join us if you have been interested in Bhakti yoga, chanting and kirtan…. its awesome.

Come to Sri Lanka with me in Feb for 7 days of wellness and health!

Opening up this option for you. I have been working on a really beautiful project in Sri Lanka at Cocoplant Surf Inn where we developed the surf in Menu using local ingredients and a collaboration between Jamin Barson’s cooking skillls and mine. Including work from my book The Magic of Food as Medicine. We developed the summer menu in early December and I am going back in Feb. We are running an 7 day tour of the region taking you to Cinnamon Island, Ayurvedic herbal farms, 150 year old Organic tea plantation, Island Temple, wellness, treatments, yoga, surfing with two breaks within 50m of Cocoplant. Plus I will cook for you personally for the whole experience. Catering to your wellness needs using the local ingredients… let me know if you are interested limited places $1500au per person not including airfares, insurance, transfers, visas. Includes all meals,shared accomodation, body treatments, and therapies daily, workshops on wellness and cooking classes with me. Also includes Jamins awesome tours to Ayurvedic gardens, boat trip to temple Island. Cinnamon Island,daily Kundalini yoga, Free time for surfing, shopping and visiting places. From Feb 7th to 13th. With Dominique Livkamal and Jamin Barson. Email me for details and ticketing.


Yes we are a Silver Sponsor for the fabulous Byron Spirit Festival at the end of March. The Medicineroom will be operating our free herbal first aid service and clinics again as we love doing! We have been invited again to be the offical herbal services there, so come and see us. In teh evenings we will be running our Herbal Elixir Bar at the Evening Venue again. That was so much fun last year right? didn’t we love the alcohol free herbal alternative? Organic deliciousness. This time we will have the hot Lotus Chai and probably give you some Golden Zing with lemon, honey, turmeric, black pepper and ginger… Yumm. Please save this in your schedule. We are sponsoring our LIVKAMAL stage which will be small and have awesome wellness speakers giving you hints and tips on wellness at home…. my favorite topic, self empowerment of your own medicine…. we are our best doctors.

Love to you

Thats my blog/ newsletter for you for now.

Wishing you a really good year for 2017.

Dom xooxox

Dominique Livkamal MhlthProm, Bch Hlth Sc Comp med. ND, Adv Dip Nat, nut. Dip Journ.

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