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I want to share with you the only interview I did at the ICNM conference. I was so awe struck by this body of work.... The whole history of rare materials from the NUNM University Library in 12 volumes of books. Every page I opened was full of old wisdoms that hold so true today as the basics of naturopathic medicine. Clean air, fresh water, good food and natural living.... 

When I was at the ICNM I met Sussanna Czeranko who is very inspiring. She spent the last ten years working on 12 books! The Hevert Collection which spans the history of naturopathic medicine writings that were located in the NUNM university rare books library. 

Starting with ISBN 978-1-945785-00-9 Origins of naturopathic medicine you can track these books down through NUNM press. 

I loved talking with Sussanna about  this project which was  so comprehensive collecting so much history data and putting into these volumes.....She did it at no profit and spent thousands  of hours working on the 12 volumes.  We are  getting the full set for our medicineroom herbal medical library.... Wow, what an incredible contribution to naturopathic medicine. Thank you Sussanna for chatting with me. 


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