Moving right along with our little nuances, Fears and Illusions!

Moving right along with our little nuances, Fears and Illusions!

Moving Right Along with Our Little Nuances, Fears and Illusions. 

So, whats been pushing your buttons lately? Whats been triggering you? The things we avoid, escape from and resist…. well lets just admit it…. they persist. And, as long as we keep up the old patterns of rejection, avoidance, illusion and fear… they will just keep on shining their light of learning at us.

In my blogs, I just love to write about whats on my mind and what I have been observing around me. And this week , I have been observing resistance to change, confusion with letting go of old thought patterns and admitting that its not always an easy road to bridging that gap between our actual selves and ideal self. Sometimes it can be painful, enlightening, stressful and downright a pain in the butt!

When we are confronted with a situation that does not fit the picture of what we want, how do you handle it? For example, say you were confronted with an emotional situation that took you back to an earlier emotional situation that you have a negative memory of, what do you do? How do you feel? Think? and do you walk away from it…. or do you give yourself the opportunity to sit in the emotion, ride through the time of the experience and then allow yourself the grace to process it by thinking about it and attempting to understand it?

Its easy to walk away, Its easy to deny, its easy to avoid and its a natural instinct to escape.However what are you going to learn from any of that? …. nothing….. you will learn to reaffirm your beliefs of what has been, you will learn to support your old story and you will have placed the whole thing on hold…. on hold for the next time this little emotional lesson pops its head up and suggests that you face it again….. then of course… you can avoid it again. That would be great if you want to just keep your self separated from the lesson..and the lesson will keep on coming, like a wave that just keeps getting bigger and bigger and closer and closer, until its a dumpster and your ears, nose, eyes and mouth are full of salt water and sand. You can’t breathe and you feel sick….

So, its actually easier, to move right  along with facing an uncomfortable situation head on in the first instance that it comes your way and you recognise it… yes.. thats the tricky bit… to be aware and awake enough to recognise when these little gems of learning come our way.. and they usually don’t show up in a  vintage Rolls Royce complete with reclining seats and Pol Roger Champagne chilled on the sideboard… no they show up in the most unexpected moments, usually when you are overloaded and tired, or when you are excited and feeling the joy of another experience…. and these uncomfortable emotional awakenings slap you straight between your eyes with a big lesson….

That lesson is like the repeat button playing on an old songline... a familiar feeling coming through our bodies that says ” Escape, Avoid, Fear” and thats when your radar needs to be plugged into your crown chakra and you need to ask whats going on. And you need to think above yourself and above the situation and go beyond your comfort zone and try to understand what is going on..

Here are my top tips for dealing with these situations that come up to help us grow and develop. These are the times that feel like crap, but really are gems and nuggets of gold hidden behind the illusion and fear to bring us deeper into our own growth. These are the opportunities to let go of the past and paint a new picture for ourselves.

Lift others up!

1. Ask for support and help in your life when you need it. This is support of yourself and support of the other people involved. Express the higher qualities of compassion, understanding and try to walk a mile in the other persons shoes at some stage after the trigger event while you are processing the experience. Be straight up with your requests for support, and be straight up in your support of yourself and others.

2. Own the situation. Yes, Own your part in it, be responsible for your lessons and keep the experience close to you while you think about it and try to understand it. No blame games, no projecting your experience onto others. YOU know what… each lesson shows up in different ways until we get it.. then it goes away and a new lesson comes along to our awareness. So ownership of our lessons is a key to getting them moving along at a faster pace and in a more gentle way

3. Keep your immunity and nervous system strong at all times so that when you are faced with these triggers and moments that are uncomfortable you are able to face them with a strong and healthy body. In My Books the Magic of Food as Medicine and The Wellness Zone, we go into many techniques and herbals, foods and strategies to keep your body strong and your nervous system strong

4. Don’t run away from it after the experience has happened in your own mind, THe second opportunity for avoidance, fear, illusion and escape to come in is after the experience is over and we are upset, this is when you can eat too much food, drink, smoke, escape, whatever that is and you miss the precious opportunity to process the whole experience. Escape can mean music, movies, books, internet anything really that takes you away from actually facing the replay button and watching the scenario again and seeing what you can get from it.

5. Make time for peace and space in your day afterwards, no matter how upset you may be,no matter how you feel , Make time to face it and don;t beat yourself up about it. It may be two steps forward, one step back. However its also still going forward step by step. So, acknowledge that and observe where you have experienced, grief, pain loss and why this has come up for you. Then nurture yourself and look after yourself.

6. Look after yourself with hot baths, beautiful meditation music that still allows you to think, while there is a gentleness is your environment. Look after yourself with writing poetry, writing the situation down on paper and purging your feelings and the burning it, Have  a big sleep and see what your dreams are telling you. Do your yoga, go for a long walk in the bush, go for a beautiful swim in the river or the ocean, feel the earth move under your feet. Connect with yourself and your highest good. remember your truth and let the experiences lessons show up gently in your minds eye.

7.Look after yourself by chatting with a friend who understands you and whats going on for you in an objective yet positive way, preferably someone who can remind you of the lessons in the experience and who is enlightened enough to see all perspectives. Talk with someone who doesn’t want to know the old story, who really wants to see the new story unfold. Thats what friends do, we help each other out when required and when you have been triggered by emotions, old stories, old patterning and it come sto the surface. Don’t do it alone. Share the experience with trust and often another perspective will help you shift past your issues faster.

8. And find some laughter…. at yourself… at the moment and at what is possible in the future. We can;t change what anyone else does around us, we can only change our repsonses to that, and when our responses become in line with our greater good, then we are able to observe our lives from a little distance of objectiveness and not buy into our own limitations so much. We need to grow, all of us… all the time .. stagnation is not fun nor beneficial. So, watch out for the moments that create discomfort and watch yourself respond! Watch it change and watch you grow.

Blessings, light and love

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With Love Dom xoxoox

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