Mid winter…. finding your own clarity

Mid winter…. finding your own clarity

Do you feel like something is finally being cleared? Like there is a certain cleansing and healing effect that comes with the depths and coldness of mid winter.? 

Thats great if you do, because that will give you more clarity and allow you to move forward in your life in all areas. This is the time of hibernation, we are the bear, in the cave and we are internally looking at our lives and listening to our minds in the peace and silence that this season brings us. Or are we?

Being caught up in technology, outside activities and the world around us takes away this privilege of internal reflection thats so needed for each of us. When we make time to look back on our lives, look back on our actions, experiences and responses , then we are able to process this logically and really be our best counsellor and see where we have contributed to the rise and fall in our own lives.

We can also see where we have taken on other peoples emotions, ideas and philosophies. Do they serve us? Do they help us now?

If not then its time to let them go. Its time to really be in your own healing space and have your own mind and body decide whats best for you. Its not about what everyone else is doing. That may not help you at all. What we all need is to have the clarity and the ability to see our own life path, our own highest ambitions and destiny calling and be able to see that, activate that and then take the steps to make that happen.  Its an important part in the evolutionary annual process of the seasons and of wintertime.

However, ( yes thats the word my friend) How, ever…. however you can make that happen…. make it happen.

Opening your own self  potential, your own wellness and your own life path. Thats how greatness happens, thats how the world becomes a better place. When we are all doing what we love and when we vibrate to a happiness and sense of purpose. Then we are able to be more generous and loving to those  around us and in turn they can also lift up into their own loving purpose.

How do we do this? Well its simple…. we need to listen to ourselves instead of everyone else. We need to be like that bear and get in the cave and hibernate… We need to hide from the world and just observe ourselves. Watch our minds, listen to our voice of wisdom within and come through the tunnel of facing our internal dilemmas as best we can.

We need to feel our ” Gut feeling” about something and follow our intuition in all aspects of our lives. This is simply done by just quietening the mind, breathing and listening to the wisdom of our body.

I wanted to write this in my blog today because winter, especially rainy winter days and cold times are a great opportunity for us to take that long earned rest and step beyond ourselves into a newer and deeper refection of who we are and what we want.. this can help us make our lives a beautiful journey of following truth with real communication and honesty. To have these qualities it helps if we can understand ourselves and know what we want and need for happiness. This is best achieved through quiet personal time and refection.

Hey, do yourself a favour after reading this blog…. stay in your bedroom for a day or two, just hang out in bed. You can listen to music, make yourself food and bring it in there and eat, drink tea, lie around. Do nothing. Turn off the technology and reflect. Have a journal with you and make notes, go and have lots of baths and showers and stay super warm and cleansed. Turn down social activities and see what happens…. make yourself the great experiment in self refection and face your darkness…. open that to the light and watch the results….

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Have a great day

Love and light Dominique Livkamal

MHlth public health/health promotion Bch Hlth Sc/ Complimentary medicine ND, Nutritionist, herbalist . Adv Dip Nat. Dip Journ. Kundalini yoga teacher, Zen Thai Shiatsu, student of life and wellness advocate. Founder Medicineroom. High vibes on the mountain, herbal first aid services and programmer for Woodford Folk Festival…. always working with love, gratefulness, light and through the divine grace!