Meet The Winner of our $800 Kirras Favourite gift box!

Congratulations Alana from Northern NSW. 

Today we phoned Kirra and got her to draw the winner from the entries we had since August 16th when we decided to give away this wonderful prize. 

We gave her a set of numbers to select one number and she chose the number that matched Alana. Thats wonderful and what a surprise Alana had when we called her! 

Alana was so excited to learn was the winner. 

This is what she won! 

We will post it out this coming week! 

Here is a pic of our winner she sent today! The Northern rivers is a beautiful place as you can see in this pic. 

Once again Congratulations Alana. 

Thanks everyone who purchased anything from us for the last month to go in the draw for this wonderful prize. You were automatically added when you purchased anything from us directly in herbal medicine Prescriptions and online shop orders.  

Have an awesome week. 

Thanks Kirra for the inspiration and selecting your favourites box! We know Alana will enjoy the prize! 

Love Dom and Medicine Room Crew!