Marinated fruit recipe plus our festive season give away at your Stockist!

Hello and how are you today? 

Its only a few weeks away from our beloved Woodford folk festival and only a few weeks until we celebrate Christmas. What are you planning to cook? Do you like fruit? 

At home we always make lots of fresh light and delicious foods and have a family dinner on the 24th in the evening to welcome in the celebrations. Then on Christmas morning we crack open a bottle of the bubbly stuff and enjoy fresh fruits, snacks and salads. Christmas day is super chilled at our place and we generally do a lot of chatting, listening to music, reading and relaxing before we make our way to the busiest, best and hardest working week of the year....

The medicineroom is open at The woodford folk festival from 5pm on the 26th Dec and we open daily from 7am till 10pm... So its full on clinic, herbal first aid, herbal medicines, awesome body products and lots and lots of beautiful conversations. Our whole crew will be there again this year and we all work a solid shift on the stall and enjoy the festival daily as well... So we finish the week so tired and literally sleep for a few days afterwards! We love our work and we love to welcome you there. 

Last week we went out to the launch of the Woodford folk festival to the launch of the beautiful Lake Gkula ( koala, named after Uncle Noel). The opening ceremony was beautiful with live music and speeches from Bill Hauritz, Amanda Jackes and distinguished State and local government stakeholders. 

We all went for a swim... now thats the good news. There is a swimming lake for you at Woodford folk festival this year! Its pure oxygenated water with waterfalls, and has been stocked with 400 fish of ten different species to start the eco system off perfectly. Heres a pic I took. There were at least 100 of us in the water and it felt spacious and like there was room for lots more people! It even has a beach. ( smiley happy face) 

Heres some fruity ideas for Christmas and summertime celebrations. 

Marinated fruit. 

This is a go to quick recipe that you will love! 

Take a bottle of port and place in a saucepan. Bring to the boil and simmer for ten minutes with some cinnamon, cloves, orange peel and a knob of butter. 

Cut up your fruit and fill the jar with fruit. The fruit we use is peaches, nectarines, mango, apple, plums, lychee and any fruit that has a solid body to it. Including pineapple. You can use whatever is handy! 

Now pour the marinate mixture over the fruit, cool down in fridge and leave for a few days to a few weeks. Scoop out the fruit and add a dollop of ice cream, or add to deserts. Pour off the liquid and drink as after dinner treat, or add to sauces... 

Here we were a few weeks ago making our herbal version of this recipe. Its a different recipe from the port one above, but just as good. We added herbal extractions with honey and water and simmered for 20 minutes and then poured over the fruit in exactly the same way! Some of our participants added fresh slices of ginger and Chilli and other spices to make this recipe even more festive. 

Fruit is always the freshest and best solution to sweet foods in summertime! Here we don't eat stodgy puddings. Mum made us her usual delicious gluten free Christmas fruit cake which I quickly spike with a skewer across the top with at least fifty little spikes and pour some french brandy across the whole cake to give it a real European booziness. I marinate that for at least two weeks before eating.  ( Mum is alcohol free, so we have to be creative to our cake ourselves) We serve her cake with ice cream and also clotted coconut yoghurt. And fruit... Fruit cake in small doses with fruit in big doses. Thats my approach to Christmas cake! 

Fruit is great pan fried on cooler evenings too. Simply slice your fruit and pan fry lightly in some coconut oil and top with maple syrup and serve hot. Yumm.  My book The magic of food as medicine is full of recipes. Its online as an ebook now. We sold out of hard copies. 

The last idea I'm sharing with you today is my fruit and cheesy salad. Now I love cheese, esp fresh goats cheese, and also local cheeses. We make up a big bowl of Kitchen sink salad. ( the recipe is in my blogs in the past) its basically a salad with everything in it except the kitchen sink! so all fruits and vegetables and lots of them. Then we serve  that on a platter and add lots of different cheeses sliced and diced.

Now you just need to pour over salad dressings and you have a totally delicious summer time meal. Often I will focus my ingredients around fruits, so lots of Mango, pineapple, and what ever is local and great. Then I select one or two cheeses and keep it simple. What ever way you go with this one, its a fruity cheesy savoury dish and served with a good french dressing... oil, vinegar and salt dressing, Or lemon juice dressing. They are all good. You could even use creamy mayo on this one. Use your imagination.

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