Maleny Weekly Clinic Details.. Make your Booking Today!

Maleny Weekly Clinic Details.. Make your Booking Today!

Come for a day trip up the Mountain to beautiful Maleny and see me in our clinic each week. These clinics are diverse and taylored to suit your requirements from Herbal, Nutritional, Lifestyle and therapeutic body work sessions with Dom. 

Call me 0409765033 to make your appointment

Maleny Clinic Open  for appointments.  Bookings essential. Appointments are 1 hour to 1.5 hours each and cost $80 per hour per person  or . $50 concession/ student/ pensioner/child charged first hour and then pro rata after that time.  Appointments available now. Call 0409765033 to make your booking and tell us at the time how long you would like to book for 1 hour? 1.5 hours?

Whats on offer at my clinics

When you make your booking you need to tell us what you want.

  1. Traditional Naturopathic Consultation with Dom including discussion, diagnosis, health care plan and herbal formulating.This session is great when you want to chat with me about your health in detail. Recover from a specific illness, or gain a balanced naturopathic overall perspective of your health. We are able to go through any medications, health care products you are using and analyse what is good to take and what is excess. We are able to assess dietary and lifestyle choices that can help your specific health condition and develop strategies to help you get well. Chronic illness, loose weight, reduce addictions, develop a plan for a healthier future with me!
  2. Developing your Optimal Wellness Consultation. What is it you want to change about your health regime? Let me help you with dietary and nutritional profiling for your constitution and lifestyle. Developing a plan and program incorporating your choices aiming for optimal health and wellness. Positive changes through mantra, food, exercise and active action. This is a very inspiring consultation with me and we will have fun!Developing your optimal wellness plan is such a great idea when you know you have to change lifestyle choices. Do you want help with a lifestyle plan? detox therapies?, loose weight? Positive changes to the diet can reflect on every part of your life. Are you confused about what is good for you and how to apply that simply in your life. Great for everyone. This consultation uses, discussion, body feedback responses and nutritional science and ancient wisdom to help you achieve your health goals through diet and nutrition.
  3. Body therapy session which includes initial discussion about physical condition and therapy treatments including meridian and pressure point therapies, applications of herbal external therapies as required. Exercises and Kundalini yoga based meditations, Zen Thai Shiatsu treatment or body specific therapeutic massage as required.So you are achy and sore, you feel like there needs to be a physical shift and its time. Come and have a body therapy session with me and I will help you remove those blocks that no longer serve you and we will make some subtle physical and energetic shifts towards physical balance. Each session is different and specific to your needs. Please tell us at time of booking what you prefer in treatment processes. If you just need to come in , relax and have a treatment with moxa, zen thai or oil masage, tell us. If you would prefer to have a more active session and discuss, use strategies and learn to shift it at home after the session, ten tell us that too. We are happy to cater to your needs.

Herbal medicines will also be formulated and administered in these clinics at the regular Medicineroom costs. Consultations are private and confidential. Health care rebates are available for you if you have cover on private insurances. Make an appointment by emailing or calling 0409765033.

Sat Nam and with love as always,

Dom xoxox

Dominique August 2014

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