Make your own delicious Chai…… simple and fun.

Make your own delicious Chai…… simple and fun.

Did you know that Chai is the common word for tea…. yes, its just tea… any kind of tea really. You can add spices and its called chai, you can add milk and sugar and its called chai masala. These days you can add turmeric and its golden chai, add cacao and its cacao chai, add red bush tea instead of black tea and we have ruby chai., or caffeine free chai.

Last month at The Planting Festival one of the workshops I did was on chai and we talked about why its so popular and good for you.  I wanted to share that information so that you can enjoy your chai/ tea even more.

Antioxidants are a plenty in the green leafy tea plant. Camellia sinensis is the botanical name for all the bases we call tea.  Green tea is raw and its just dried. Black tea is dried and then ran through heat to semi roast the leaves. Then you can add lots of flavouring agents such as essential oils, spices, herbs and other flowers etc to make the special recipes that compose the tea industry.

Theres the old saying ” a cup of tea will fix everything” and its true… Simply make yourself a cup of tea, or call by a loved ones home when you are in distress and notice how it soothes the mind and body. Specific herbal teas to help make this saying come true are the herbal chamomile and valerian, passionflower and lemon verbena who are all renowned for making you feel good. When it comes to the feel good factor of black and green tea, we can add in the ingredients of a loving person to listen to your woes, a delicious aroma of the tea pot brewing and the soothing tone of a loved one supporting you… add in a cup of tea and drinking the warmth into your body is so healing.  Its almost an epic genetic cure all for our generations of family drinking tea together and sorting out the problems of the world…

Spices added to the tea we call chai come from ancient China and India. There are many regional and seasonal varieties to the tea we call chai. The spices added range from nutmeg, star anise, cinnamon, cardamon, vanilla, chilli, pepper, ginger, clove buds and other spices that are exotic and flavoursome. When tea became popular in England, Europe and through the western world, It was time for people to show off their wealth by adding spices to foods and beverages. This was the 1700 and 1800’s where ships ruled the seas and wealth was measured in the tea world by accessibility to the exotic. In countries like China and India where this was common practice, there were some really practical reasons why you would add spices to the drink. These practicalities are that the spices are antimicrobial and boost immunity there by fighting off infections and illness that may be caused by poor water supplies and regional and seasonal illnesses. So basically spiced chai was like a medicine. In these countries the addition of sugar was exotic…. and sometimes the milk was yak milk, buffalo milk. butter or even sour milks.

So next time you have chai, enjoy it and remember you are drinking a special drink that is seeped in history.

Add what ingredients you like to your own taste buds. Make it up as you go along and drink the drink of deliciousness!

If you want to try our lotus chai you are very welcome. Its my recipe of organic black tea, cardamon, star anise, cinnamon, clove buds, red bush tea and ginger. Energising, antimicrobial, fights infections and keeps you feeling strong through the winter.

Make your own chai using teas and spices that appeal to you for flavour and medicinal benefits..

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Love and light Dominique Livkamal

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