Make my Dahl Recipe and restore your energy in the Autumn metal season.

Making Dahl and restoring energy in Metal season 

Today its deep into autumn here on the mountain. Leaves are falling from trees and the morning crispness is palatable. Today we were walking in town and there was a really cold breeze blowing in our faces, the seasons are changing.


So we came home and made dahl… yes good nurturing, nutritious and simple dahl… the stove going slowly all day as the aromas of spices, lentils and herbs fill the house, its a lovely way to spend a restful day… slow cooking while you relax..

Making simple meals like this allow our body to relax and our digestion to have a rest from the rich foods we may otherwise eat. You can spend days cleansing in the cooler months on simple vegetarian dishes that really help your body adjust to the weather.

This is the metal season, its the season when we start to cool down from the heat of summer and we prepare ourselves to go within through the winter months. We slow down… Yes its slow down time.. for your mind an body.. Chinese medicine has many wisdoms about the seasons and lifestyle choices.. Now we are slowing down, we are past the heat and rush of summer, we have grounded ourselves again at the beginning of autumn and now we must take life in our stride, enjoy the moments, still work hard, yet be capable of doing so with a relaxed perspective.

Slowing down is not such an easy call when we have lots of projects on and we keep a schedule thats pretty intense.. so I have a plan to maximise our relaxation time, whilst enabling us to do all the stuff we need to do to stay on top of our commitments and dreams..

What if you had a simple digestive rest for your weekends? Its easy.. All you need to do is to take your diet back to a simple wholesome vegetarian detox model from the evening you finish work for the week for 24 to 72 hours..  In my Book The Wellness Zone.. I have gone into the details of this diet and if you don’t have a hard copy at home you can get the download on my web site for $5au. The detox section has over 60 pages of information on detox therapies and how to relax your digestion, cleanse your whole body, develop good energy and clear your energetic fields of toxins and the overconsumption of life..

Here is my dahl recipe from today..


Easy Dahl… 

What you need 

500 grams of dried green, red or yellow lentils..

5 cups of vegetable stock or powder stock to taste

2 tablespoons of curry paste or powder according to your tastes.

Any other vegetables you want, usually root vegetables like garlic, onions, potatoes, carrots etc.

1 good cast iron post with lid

Gas or electric stove top on low heat.

How to make this 

  1. Soak the lentils for three hours or so in cool clean water
  2. Rinse them well
  3. Place lentils in the pot
  4. add the stock liquid and curry paste, power, here you can adde extras like opinion, garlic, other vegetables.
  5. On a low heat let it cook.. two, three , four, five hours..
  6. Eat.. We often add fresh green herbs, chilli flakes, chia seeds, dried deliciousness

You can eat this for a few days.. its really delicious..

Check out my books. The Magic of Food as Medicine Dom’s books online details and ordering

The wellness Zone for many health inspiring ideas.

I have been away developing our concepts for wellness and strategising on how to make our medicineroom services optimal for you and also refining all of our procedures and methods of practice.. 

This week we will be in Melbourne for our evening of wellness with herbal body products and then this following weekend you will find us at The Planting Festival. I am presenting on Herbal therapies for Back and neck pain.. This follows the time I recently spent in Bali teacher training with Zen Thai Shiatsu. I am excited to bring these teaching back home and be able to incorporate them into my herbal therapeutical work.

We look forward to seeing you soon at The Eumundi Markets, please call to check if you want to see me there specifically. As I am blessed to be working with some beautiful naturopaths and herbalists who come to festival and markets with us these days. I also have my students who are rapidly becoming qualified and very happy to assist you with your herbal elixir and body product requirements.

We are open Tuesday to Saturday Call us 0409765033

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With Love and Blessings

Dominique LivKamal

Dominique August 2014