Lets get clear and take a winter cleanse right NOW! Plus my recipe for Golden Laksa soup

Lets get clear and take a winter cleanse right NOW!


 “When I cleanse my body I show it love and respect, I honor what is needed.  Its beyond release of  toxins and built up conscious agendas. Every part of me is opening,  grateful as I allow time and space for newness and vitality to enter.  As I allow a clear space in my mind, body and soul to just be…. to just become… to feel .. inner purity… inner clarity…. shining the inner jewel.” 


Hello, the magical moment when you just know its time to clear yourself and cleanse. That can be anytime… and it just happens to be now…. today…. yes… lets get spontaneous and detox for the next seven days.  This photo attached is the recipe I share with you today.   My Magical  “Golden  Laksa Soup” recipe that you can just eat for days on end as its so nutritious, cleansing and delish.

And in this blog/ newsletter I am going to run you  through the program. Of course there are various levels to detoxing, and depending on what you need and your lifestyle commitments and choices, you can go all out and really clear so much unneeded physical, mental, emotional and etherical toxicity and residue, or you can gently and gracefully release some at a slower rate.

This detox will be gentle, graceful and beautiful. Its winter, and whenever I get the winter detox vibe. ” It is time” message to cleanse. I always make sure I take the season into account.

So here goes, our plan…

1. Start now. That is as soon as you get the ” its’ time” message for yourself. Sometime soon, we are doing it today onwards. You are welcome to join us. this cleanse is very simply. Eat a mostly plant based diet. Foods that are non processed and preferably organic. We are eating fresh fruits, juices, vegetables, herbs and spices.  Plus adding Protein in the form of powder, eggs, vegetable protein, lean organic animal based. These will be chosen purely by instinct and desire plus availability. Whatever is local, fresh, yummy and here now. The reason why we are adding protein to this cleanse is that the liver needs to break protein down to amino acids to create optimal new cell growth. Protein is important and in this winter cleanse we are gentle, we are nourishing. We want protein, its keeps us strong, it sends a good healthy message to our body that we are nourishing it well.

2. Eliminate all foods that are unnecessary. This includes coffee, alcohol, processed foods, excess salt. We are of course not eating sugar, or any numbers, additives or foods that are commercially processed in mass quantity.  You know what you need to eliminate here for the diet to qualify as a detox. If you think it needs to go for the week.. it can go…

3. Eat whatever you want, when you want. If you are hungry have a drink or some food. This winter time cleanse is not about strict eating plans, nor is it about starving and cleansing in the format of fasting . It is about gentle release. So, eat what you want when you want.

4. Eat small amounts of food each time you eat. Eat just enough to feel good and nourished.Keep the intake light, yet eat as much as you want each time, and keep the intake regular through the hours you are awake.

5. Drink warm nourishing drinks like caffeine free chai, Dandelion coffee, peppermint tea,warm water, hot honey and lemon drinks. Juice your fruits and vegetables at room temperature and don’t use ice. Make some yummy and healthy drinks and soups. Don’t overdo drinking liquids, take it  nice and easy. nourishing and gentle.

6. Make time every day to meditate with Chanting and singing. Yes, its the fastest way to clear your mind of its accumulated rubbish and its the fastest way to feel calm and centred. On this cleanse we are clearing our mind too. So, find a chant you like and sing it for 11 minutes, 31 minutes or 62 minutes each day. You can sing in the car if you want! You can sing anywhere. We are doing the long Kundalini Yoga chant of EK ONG KAR daily between the hours of 4am and 7am or 4pm to 7pm which are the Sadhana ( personal practice times in Kundalini yoga) However any time of the day is better than none at all.

7. On that level, this cleanse this week is about gentleness and gracefulness. So, turn off the TV, turn off the radio, turn off the noise…. Yes, turn it off. Have a week where you only listen to inspiring music, music that is positive, uplifting… or better still have silence. Embrace as much silence into your cleansing week as possible.

8. If you want more support from me, you can buy the download of my book THE WELLNESS ZONE for $18.90 au or just the section on detoxing i wrote called ” YOUR DETOX ZONE for $8.90au. Or get online and buy the hard copy of that book or my latest book ” THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE” hard copy for $30. E BOOK PURCHASE LINK MEDICINEROOM  Also if you want to chat with me we are back in the Dispensary on Tuesday Morning till Saturday afternoons.

9. Take Herbs. here are my favorites  Number one in this cleanse as its wintertime is Turmeric, it works on fatty acids in the liver, estrogen and heavy metal detox pathways, helps with inflammation, is a tumour marker, assists in cognitive function, aids digestion and really is amazing for clearing lymphatic congestion.  I also love dandelion root, it cleans your blood whilst keeping it strong.. I love garlic for this too in a wintertime cleanse. Nothing gets into the corners of your cells better than good old garlic. And lets get friendly with ginger this week too. Its warming, cleansing, stimulating and increases circulation, it gets rid of so many poisons in the liver and in every cell in your body. Oh and of course we all know i just love spirulina as my number one green choice. Taking five grams every day during this cleanse is a great assistant. And. Vitamin C powder is the most gorgeous liver cleanser, antioxidant.. yumm.

10. herbal Detox blend is awesome too. I am using the above herbs in my foods. and I am taking the herbal extractions of milk thistle, globe artichoke, dandelion ( yes lots of dandelion for us) peppermint and black walnut hulls. This is a beautiful blend we make in the dispensary and I am happy to send you some if you like. Please call me 0409765033 or email me wellness@medcineroom.net

We also make an incredible blend we call Cholesterol and Liver Care. It contains turmeric, ginger, globe artichoke and garlic. Its great to help reduce Low density lipoproteins in the body and balance the liver plus cleanse the blood of excess fatty acids, acts as a cardiovascular protectant and is just beautiful when you want to shed some excess fatty acids from the system whilst stimulating and warming the body.




 Dom’s Golden Laksa Soup

OK, I will come clean here. I can eat this soup everyday on a winter time cleanse. All day… I just add different ingredients to make a version that suits me at the time. Its a very loose yet divine recipe.

Here goes. 

Its really the golden milk of soups…. 

What you need to make  about 5 litres which will be lots for you to feast on for a few days. ( you can freeze the base in portion sizes too if you want to cook ahead of time) 

First you make the stock. and this is easy. Take a big knob of ginger, a big knob of turmeric, a big bulb of garlic, a chilli or two, and 2 tablespoons of organic vegetable low salt stock powder. Add some galangal if you have it too. Use as much of these ingredients as you think you need for flavour. Add more or less. I usually add more turmeric and ginger. You can add onion to this stock now, or do what I do and add it later.

Now grate and cut these up and pop into a 10 litre pot and add about 5 litres  of water and let it come to the boil. Simmer it for about fifteen minutes, then strain the contents.

Next Pour the liquid back into your pot and discard the roots and plant bases. Add about 800 ml of coconut cream. and then add 4 onions, and bring to the boil. Once its been cooking for about five minutes ( only until the onions are soft) turn off heat and add about 300ml of fresh lemon juice. This is the point you want to taste it and add other flavors such as a tad of sea salt, a dollop of honey, a scoop of green curry paste, as tad of tamarind, a splash extra of lemon. This is your base, yes including the onion. That you use for each serving of the soup.  You will pop the whole lot in the fridge happily for up to 48 hours. Or you can use it all at once. Your call.

Now…. You get to play.  Take a frying pan, or a smaller saucepan and add about 200 ml of the liquid with a scoop of the onion in the pan. Bring to boil quickly and add whatever you want. Ideas include, all and any fresh vegetables that have been cleaned, grated, cut up and require very short cooking times. Bok Choy, celery, zuccini, carrot, fennel, egg plant, tomatoe… the list is endless. We use sprouts, everything really, slice it, dice it, fresh herbs. Add in what you consider a good portion size to the amount of liquid you have used.  Now scoop into a bowl. Eat it as is… or

Upcycle it into total health.  Upcycle your Golden Laksa with superfoods. Think chia seeds, gogi berries, brewers yeast, seaweed powders, spirulina, maca powder. herbs. Add protein that has been cooked, Think boiled eggs, tempeh, tofu, lentils and corn, fresh goats or feta cheese, cooked seafoods, lean meats. Upcycle your meal with super foods and proteins and change it each time you eat it. Or leave the lot out and just have the base with onion. ( Thats actually my favorite, that delish lemony and turmericy yumminess)


 “When I cleanse my body I show it love and respect, I honor what is needed.  Its beyond release of  toxins and built up conscious agendas. Every part of me is opening,  grateful as I allow time and space for newness and vitality to enter.  As I allow a clear space in my mind, body and soul to just be…. to just become… to feel .. inner purity… inner clarity…. shining the inner jewel.” 

Enjoy your cleanse, enjoy your week. Those coming to my rejuvenation retreat in October get to experience a cooking class with me where we will make some  amazing recipes that are delicious and super nourishing and healthy. You can book for my next retreat in February on my web site  MEDICINEROOM WEB SITE TO BOOK RETREAT AND BUY DOM”S PRODUCTS

The Wellness Zone Ebooks

Thanks for reading this blog/newsletter and have a great cleansing week. I am available if you want my support. Any time you want a cleanse.. I am happy to support you… its an awesome process and you always let go of some unnecessary toxins and feel healthier at the end.. it might be a tad uncomfortable during the process… but hey… its a detox.. its supposed to be different from every other day!


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With love as always Dom xoxo

Take care and I trust you enjoy this blog newsletter.

With Love Dom xoxoox

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Blessings in your cleanse.