Lemon and honey drinks with added herbs are timeless remedies


Some warm drinks are timeless and really help you stay healthy and stronger as the cooler weather sets in. Good old Lemon and honey clears our system faster than most other things and can be taken as a daily drink right through the cooler season. You can add herbs to this drink for extra health benefits. 

Looking at what our vulnerabilities are and addressing them is the best approach for seasonal wellness. 

For example do you tend to get sinus infections as the weather cools? Do you get a cough? sore throat? aches and pains in joints? Headaches? sluggishness? These are all signs of allergenic responses to the seasons changing and now as we head into the cooler months you can have some simple preventative plans in place with herbal teas at home. 

No matter what your vulnerabilities are there are some timeless drinks that really help you stay well.  

Recipe for Lemon and honey drink. 

1. Take a ripe lemon and squeeze the juice in to you large mug ( 300ml) 

2. add a teaspoon of honey, a pinch of sea salt and stir

3. Now pour over boiling hot water and allow to cool for a few minutes before drinking. 

You can also add a teaspoon of grated ginger or turmeric root for inflammation or headaches. 

a teaspoon of dried thyme, sage or lemon myrtle  leaves for antimicrobial benefits

Replace the honey with maple syrup for the vegan version 

Add a clove of garlic or a slice of fresh chilli for cold and flu relief. 

Add some white willow bark or feverfew leaves if you are prone to headaches and fevers. 

If you get stressed and need extra relaxation or if you have coughs add in some chamomile flowers 

If you suffer from allergenic responses then fenugreek and olive leaf are good additions to your lemon and honey drink. 

If you like you can make a big pitcher and drink through the day. To do this simply use 3 x recipe as mentioned above and make 1 litre of drink. 

Allow to cool down and sip through the day for great hydration and prevention of seasonal illnesses. 


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