Launching today our herbal tea range for retail

A few weeks ago I was in town at the local Maple street Co op. This is the oldest co op in Australia and has been operating since the 1970's. 

We have been members since we came to the Mountain in 1997.  It started with our Organic Avocados, and then when I started making skin care we were invited to add that to the shop. Now we are adding in herbal teas for retail. 

I always make herbal tea, we all know that as a herbalist. I love herbs. I have also always been reluctant to make my own range and put them in shops. I formulated for Mark at Planet organic for many years, and I have developed and designed teas for various companies as required. I even have herb teas here in the dispensary for you to try and buy when you visit. 

So, I feel qualified in flavour, essence, energetics and therapeutics to do this task. 

Here they are!!!! Launching this week 

Watch out for specials

Now Limited number favourite 8 Herbal tea box. From October 21st till October 31st only. Or sold out before that date. 

There are ten and we are offering you a gift box of 8 for our launch. 

You can also buy them individually on our web site for $15 each. 

Calming, Detox, Digestive, Energise, Flu season, Immunity  Persian rose Sleep 

 Moon Cycle and Wise Woman.  

I formulated them all from our organic herbs in Maleny and we welcome you to join us on this journey. 

The launch pack is a special limited offer and we would love to post you one. 

Have a great day 

Love Dom xox