Kundalini Yoga with Dom at YogaFest.

Kundalini Yoga with Dom at YogaFest.

We are presenting at Yogafest this July.  On the 12th and 13th July at The Old Museum Building in Brisbane. Yoga Fest is Australias premium two day yoga festival. Its a great opportunity to meet our leading teachers, and to try different yoga styles to help you improve your health and discover what kinds of yoga really suit your body and mind.

“Adi Shakti is the Divine Mother, the primal, protective, and generating energy in the cosmos. Let us call on the Divine Mother, the Infinite, the powerful. Her jantra (symbolic form) is the two swords of God to protect you, the center of your world. These are the two-edged swords of the being, the negative and the positive. This is her being. This is her presence.” – Yogi Bhajan


Dominique Liv Kamal
Kundalini Yoga Spinal Energising Series is what we will be doing at Yoga fest. 

My class is on a Sunday Afternoon. Particpants will have been doing yoga all day, if nota ll weekend. This class will just bring it all together and ballance the spine and the body at the end of an amazing festival experience.

This class will have you feeling energised as we work our way through your spine from the base chakra to your Crown. When we move and mobalise our spine, we are opening up powerful energy channels that work on the physical level by assisting circulation in the spine which is reflected in the nervous system and subsequent organs related to the specific nerves, pressure points and meridians of that area. We are also working on our emotional body by embracing a sense of peace and stillness that these exercises evoke in our mind and body. And, we are working on the valuable chakra system which will be cleansed, opened and enhanced. In Kundalini Yoga we aim to release that which no longer serves us, to raise our energy and in this session you will be working on your spine in such a complete manner. We are only as young or as old as our spine. So, this super Kriya is something you can take home and practice daily for great spinal health!

Info from Dom about yoga. 

The practice of stretching. meditation and relaxation is essential as we age and need to get healthy and well for ourselves. Its a tool to use to help us all feel better about life and to be at peace within ourselves.

I thank my Kundalini Yoga Mentor Gurumukh for her book ” the eight human talents” that introduced me to Kundalini yoga in the late 1990’s. I started practising from this book at home and still do to this day. Then my brother and first real Kundalini Yoga teacher Lee Hardisty brought it all to life with amazing classes that led me to White Tantra and then Kundalini Yoga Teacher training which I started in 2011. Meeting Sat Siri and Guru Dass was a life changing experience for me as they taught me about releasing and opening in a way that really showed the light. Since then I have met and become friends with so many amazing and wonderful people who also travel this path of yoga. For this we are blessed.

I have a strong Kundalini and  White Tantric  personal practice where daily I practice this ancient art of health and revitalising kriyas and lifestyle choices. From my late teens I was involved in rebirthing and have followed the teachings of Yogi Bhajan through books and classes through my adult life. The ancient chakra system and its mystical health benefits have always taken my fascination and now that I am learning about meridians and pressure points in my latest studies I can see such a beautiful tie in with these practices. They are all connected. I am a constant student and each module I study, as I am drawn deeper into both academic, mystical, alternative and emerging trends in health care merge together and I feel like the pieces of understanding are coming together beautifully.


My work as a naturopath, herbalist and health advocate are so strongly tied in with this work as a yoga practitioner and student. I am very grateful that it all blends so well. Its as though every step in my career and personal areas of interest has led me to this moment in my work where I am able to blend the nutritional, academic, herbal, alternative health, yogic and ancients mystical arts together.

When you attend one of my classes, its technically a yoga class, Its authentically a Kundalini Yoga Class where we only play Kundalini music, we only practice Kundalini Kriya and we only do kundalini meditation and relaxation. However I weave in the anatomical benefits, the nutritional and health benefits, the chakra and the mystical elements too. Its fun. So, come and join me in my journey as 30 years of education, self realisation, health, healing, and yoga therapies come together in each class.

domgurudassHere is a pic of Dom and one of her teachers Guru Dass.
Dominique Liv Kamal is a Kundalini yoga teacher who practices and teaches with a passion for “releasing that which no longer serves us and bringing into our lives beautiful health benefits to help us achieve our highest good with peace, light and Love.” Dom has regular classes On the Sunshine Coast. She is also Australia’s Herbalist of the year, naturopath, nutritionist, founder of The medicineroom and well published health writer. Dom brings these aspects into the class making each class a wonderful educational experience as well as a special yoga class.

Yoga Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga to The West in the Late 1960’s. It quickly became the hippy yoga, and when you practice this yoga you will understand why. This is the yoga that clears your mind, opens your heart and allows you freedom within.  Yogi Bhajan taught us to be fair, equal, radiant, divine and true to ourselves in all aspects of life. And his method was simple. The sets of yoga Kriyas that are thousands of years old which he gave to everyone to use. As a Kundalini yoga teacher we teach these same kriyas in the same time lines and order as taught by Yogi Bhajan. We follow the eight limbs of yoga and we work on our whole selves in each and every moment in life.


Here is a relevant quote from Yogi Bhajan for our times. 

“Let us accept Mother Earth as our real mother. She needs our help, respect, and understanding. God created everything in balance. There is no difference between a grain of sand and a mountain. One day there shall be unbearable consequences for little mistakes that abuse Mother Earth.
A Mother freely teaches values and virtues to every child for their prosperity, peace of mind, and consciousness. Let us honor our Mother for our own integrity and happiness. May we learn to serve and protect our Mother Earth with an open heart.” –Yogi Bhajan




Yogi Bhajan on Kundalini Yoga Teachers: “Wherever you are, whether you are one person, or whether you are two, three, four, five, twenty, a hundred or a thousand persons you represent a consciousness of hope.”  here is an old pic from early 1970’s of Yogi Bhajan teaching Kundalini Yoga. 

Thank you to the 3HO organisation of Kundalini Yoga for all your amazing information and support.

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