Keep your softness amongst the noise!

Have you noticed the pick up in speed around us lately? It seams that everyone is on the move again. New ideas bouncing forward, concepts being put in action and invitations abound us as we move into the supposed cooler and slower season. 

How do you stay soft and calm when so much is going on? How can you keep that inner equilibrium and stay focused, relaxed, moving and doing? 

It can be challenging and it can also be easy! To create and nurture your own softness internally is the aim. To feel the calm in the storm, to observe the waters of life flowing around us and keep the breathe calm, the mind still and the serenity strong. 

Herbs are really good to help us in these times. Sure we can apply all our meditative skills, we can breathe and do our breath work, we can yoga up and work it out so that we are ready to hit samadhi. Samadhi is the recognised bliss state of stillness in meditation when you are 100% present, still point.... 

The term "still point " is interesting, as it's not necessarily stillness in action, motion, movement. It is stillness in mind and spirit. When there is a compass turning around you and you are able to be comfortably busy and still at the same time. "Stillness in motion" is another term for the same feeling and ability to stay calm, centred, soft and focused with a soft gaze on your life. 

The herbs that can help us are nervines and emotional body support herbs. They are the ones that help us reach these states of stillness and softness. Physical exercise and specifically asana yoga practices help us exhaust the body and get ready for softness and meditation. But, you can't always do a 90 minute vinyasa or hatha session daily to get you there. 

One of my favourite yoga teachers Gwyn. Here he is at our last HIGH VIBES ON THE MOUNTAIN January 2018. Can't wait until COVID ends and we can organise another one! 

Thats why having herbs like lemon balm, chamomile, valerian, damiana, oat straw, passionflower and skullcap in our daily blends really helps us soften, keep our eye on the prize and stay focused. 

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your Mummas day treats and time with loved ones. 

We are at Earth frequency festival next weekend. From the 13th till the 17th. We are also at Eumundi markets next Saturday. 

Our online course starts on Tuesday. Four wonderful weeks of Winter Wellness education with me thats going to be lots of fun. 

We are at Prana festival Sunshine Coast from the 4th till the 6th June and I am presenting there three times on herbal wellness. 

Also our next long table wellness day is on June 20th with the topic of medicinal mushrooms. We have some places available there. 

We will be at QLD garden expo from July 10th till 12th. I am also presenting there. 

And our Womens wellness four week online masterclass starts July 26th. 

Join us in these events if you feel the calling. 

Much love and take care, stay soft and calm.

Latest stockist is Bioshop at Belmondos in Rene street Noosaville. Call in and check out our body products. xoxo 

Dom xoxo