Just released Student medicine making kit for detox masterclass online!

Yes I have been busy today making up your awesome kit for those doing our online wellness masterclass starting on Feb 15th. 

Here it is... I'll tell you more in a minute... 

What are you doing on Sunday 7th Feb? Do you want to join me for a detox lunch and class in Maleny for the day. We will start at 11am and finish at 2pm. This is a special Long table wellness day in our herbal dispensary for  a very limited number of guests. We will cover the principles of detoxing and make a great recipe plus have lunch. Cost $80 per person. Please contact me directly wellness@medicineroom.net if you would like to attend. Its a little fun taster of the online course and its going to be jam packed with info, recipes and a vegan lunch.  Or Call me 0409765033 to reserve your place. 

This is the last week to enrol in our Detox masterclass online. We are closing enrolments on Feb 14th for course starting on 15th. . We have an epic group of people joining us and we don't want you to miss out on this Masterclass opportunity. Its the only detox masterclass we have planned for 2021. 

 I  also want to let you know that if you are deterred from doing this 4 week online class because you don't have facebook then please think again. You can join facebook and use a nom de plume and the class room is private so only students have access. The reason why I am using this platform is because it creates excellent communication amongst the students and me! We post our homework and recipes, we talk about our medicines we are making and support each other. You gain loads of ideas from this platform. Also I am having a thirty to fifty minute live online class room each week for the four weeks of the course so you really get the info thats written in the course as well as great communication and learning. 

So, the course is presented online through my web site medicineroom.com.au You have an email link to get in there and complete your readings, watch the little vids I make for each module, check out the resources and get up to speed. Then you make whatever we are making, and pop a pic up and your comments in the facebook live classroom. The classroom is open all the time so you miss nothing even if you are unavailable for the live classes, you can watch them anytime. 

Heres whats in the student kit

Its sensational and we'll be making some great cleansing medicines at home with this kit as your base. 

Kit contains organic herbs and base ingredients to make low alcohol medicines. 

Celery seed 50grams

Milk Thistle seed 50 grams

Spirulina powder 50 grams

Globe artichoke aeriel parts 50 grams

Peppermint leaf 50 grams

Andrographis aerial parts 50 grams

Aloe vera powder 50 grams 

Extracting  herbalist vinegar base 500ml 

Extracting herbalist glycerine base 500ml 

Herbal extraction for students detox recovery 500ml 

$130.00 last post will be Weds Feb 10th to be received in Australia early in week of 15th when course starts. Please enrol in course and this kit is exclusive to course particpants. 



Have a great day . Love Dom xoxo