Its wintertime detox at its best! and heres how you do it!


Here we go.... Into a three day lock down in SE QLD. Many of you are already in some kind of lock down and COVID safety situation where we are limited in our movements and trying to stay strong, healthy and happy. Well, I have just the plan for us now! Lets make the most of this situation and turn it into a wellness opportunity to strengthen, destress and renergise? 

Lets make soup! Not just any old soup, but a mindful intentionally delicious antioxidant soup. Its your  unexpected opportunity for a warm and light winter detox! 

Why? because just now we have been instructed to go into a lockdown again with COVID. And, these days I encourage you to make the most of these experiences and this week,  I'm inviting you to have a snap 3 day winter detox! 

How will it help me?   Antioxidants in vegetables are so full of nutrients that protect the body and help us stay stronger and have a better capacity to fight illness. You get to decongest the body, relax the nervous system, destress. Offer your digestion and microbiome a mini nutrient filled holiday. Pull toxins out of the body and strengthen and support your immunity! Once you are clearer in body, then your mind will be clearer and you probably will have a stronger immunity and have more energy! 

All in three days? yes, why not!! Any opportunity we give the body to rest, relax and assimilate life both nutritionally and energetically is an opportunity to feel better and be healthier. We remove some toxins and congestion that no longer serves us and the end result is we feel better and more energised! It's a body, mind spirit win win win! Plus, you can disengage from all the external noise and drama in the world and make this s time about you! a mini retreat at home! 

What will we do? Ok, we get all the vegetables that we love and cook them up in a big pot with spices and herbs and make a soup! Then we eat it as a mono food until the pots finished! Then we either make another pot, or we move onto other foods! Its easy, Try one day? two days or even three? 


1. Cut to about one inch pieces onions, carrots, pumpkin, cabbage, brussel sprouts, beetroot. ( pretty well any and every vegetable you like and have on hand)  I used half a pumpkin, 3 capsicums, 6 brown onions, 2 cups brussel sprouts, 2 sweet potatoes. 

2. Get your big soup pot and add in three tablespoons olive oil. Add in slices of ginger and garlic ( lots) some turmeric, spices, star anise, cardomom, fennel, chilli and sea salt. Its your choice, add in the spices you love and let them simmer in the oil for a few minutes while you stir them through! I added three star anise, 2 tablespoons dried fennel seeds, 1 tablespooon chilli flakes, 1 tablespoon sea salt, 5 cloves garlic and 1 cupful of diced fresh ginger and 8 pods cardamom. 

3. Now add in the vegetables. Stir them and mix them up with the spices and allow to simmer for about ten to twenty minutes while you stir them, getting the flavours through the vegetables. 

4. Boil your kettle and either add boiling hot water to the top of the vegetables and simmer for one hour, or add in 2 litres of vegetable liquid stock if you have some on hand. Some of my clients add in 2 litres of  bone broth if you eat that style of stock. 

5. Eat as you want through the day. Its delicious and your meals don't go in threes. ( Breakfast, lunch and dinner) Every time you are hungry have a bowl of soup. Eat as much as you like and you can add in extras like lemon juice, brewers yeast, mushroom powders and herbs as you eat each bowl. Enjoy. 

Do this for one day or more and see how good you feel. Its wintertime detox at its best! 

Wishing you a safe and healing lock down. Lets make the most of this time for our wellness. 

We are open for telehealth and phone consultations. Please connect with us this week as needed. We are posting as usual. I moved all our Maleny clinic bookings across to telehealth and you will have received an email from me about this. 

Stay safe. 

Love Dominique