Its time for your after Christmas detox!


It's time to look at having a post festive season detox. If you haven't already that is! To detox means you can reduce your diet to pure fruits and vegetables for a day or longer. You can fast on water or you can cut out the toxic foods and bad habits you enjoyed over the festive season. Reduce and eliminate additives, preservatives, sugars, excess fats, salts and alcohols. 

Here is some info I wrote in my book the Wellness Zone. The book has almost 70 pages on detox strategies and will guide you through this detox after Christmas and many more to come as you learn different ways to eliminate poisons from your body which creates a healthier body, youthfulness and more energy. 

"Why would you benefit from having a cleansing detox? If you suffer from any illness, detoxing can help your body heal faster, making your system uncongested and clean. Our metabolism  is boosted  in a cleaner body and also you have more scope to get better faster because the residues, toxins and wastes have been eliminated, allowing the body to function optimally under its condition of illness.

If you have any chronic illness or condition; infections, viral residues, cancer, auto- immune diseases, obesity, metabolic resistance, tuberculosis, lupus, hormonal imbalances, depression, bowel diseases or any manner of illness that requires constant attention and looking after, then you need to detox and you need to give your body the best conditions to heal itself. Yes, given the right environment, the body will heal itself faster when nurtured properly.

Basically we all know that with a little bit of assistance in the right direction your body can and will heal itself naturally most of the time. However, when you have a body that is full of built-up and almost invisible slush, slurry and toxic matter, you will have to remove that before your cells can vibrate at the right frequency, with the right tools and unhindered energy to repair yourself.

If you really want to recover from an ailment, then taking a regular detox cleanse and placing your body in a good position to self heal is one of the kindest and most self-loving acts you can undertake. Your Wellness Zone can be enhanced or deteriorated, depending upon how you choose to keep the inside of your body, cleaner or dirtier.

Clean inside makes light work for all bodily functions. However when you are full of congestion, mucous, toxins, medical buildups and many other foreign invaders, imagine how much they will slow you down when you really need help in healing. Likewise, if you have regular cleanses and your body is clean within, then the chances of you suffering from chronic disease is far less than if you were congested. Therefore you will be in an optimal position for healing when some illness does occur. Detoxing is natural and logical for those who want optimal health, it’s just a matter of choosing when and how to do it." 

Have a great week and we will be at Eumundi markets this Saturday from 7am till 1.30pm for our free community clinics. 


Love Dom xox