Iodine body support and my recipe for lemon and honey drink

Love your Herbal Medicines.. A springtime gift from nature.


And that is so true. herbal Medicine is our first medicine

Welcome to another blog/ newsletter.  Its spring time here in the Southern Hemisphere and we are kick starting the three months of cleansing therapies and rejuvenation after winters rest and recovery period.

To detox your body on a cellular level is important as we live in a world that is constantly more polluted and fllled with multiple chemical and toxic exposure. I have written about radiation before. Its something we need to be aware of and take preventative action.


Lets talk my highest highest priority today IODINE

The thyroid will suck up both non radioactive  iodine  in the air and radioactive  iodine  at the same rates with no discrimination.  So, when you lack iodine then your body is more prone to suck it up out of the hemisphere. When the thyroid is given high doses of non radioactive iodine in a good diet of clear clean seaweeds and foods. Then it will process what is required in the thyroid and the rest turns to magic in your body. What it does is act as a super antioxidant and macrophage and goes in on a cellular level and removes toxins and poisons from the cells, encases them and carries them out through the blood stream and they are excreted in urine. Now, that is awesome. The iodine also is a heavy metal chelator, which is simple terms means that it just loves lead, mercury, highly poisonious toxins, all that monsanto residue and the really yucky stuff. So, thats the priority iodine.

We make the most beautiful Herbal Iodine and metabolism blend. It contains the herb Bladderwrack and also we add fennel to this blend. It is so powerful. Iodine is heavily relied on in the thyroid glands to help with your metabolic processes in the body. Your metabolism is basically the rate that your body functions. And sometimes it can become sluggish and you feel that you are gaining weight, fluids, low on energy, hair loss, general lethargy and everything is not as efficient as it was before. Often the addition of iodine in your herbal blend can really help you reenergise and feel good again.


Bladderwrack has so many health benefits, loaded with minerals, a super food to say the least it contains chlorophyl and really helps cellular respiration and health.  Its one herb we add to special spring time cleansing and detox programs to get your energy high and in balance again.





 My next Priority  today is VITAMIN C 

The best vitamin C is fresh from the fruit trees in Spring and the trees are often bulging with mandarins, Oranges, Lemons and these are the fruits we need to add to our juices and eat fresh. Vitamin C is my favorite antioxidant ( well amongst others)  It just sweeps through the liver and has no regard for blockages, toxins and poisons. It just sweeps them all out. THis includes parasites and residues of old viruses, bacterias and other infections. Vitamin C is so special. It repairs your adrenal glands and helps with recovery and rejuvenation. It is the highest priority food when it comes to detoxing this spring. We do not make our own vitamin C like most other animals. We rely on it in our diets and vitamin C is needed for stress relief and recovery. Take some every day in Spring and I think you already know my favorite Lemon and honey drink recipe. Here it is again

lemon and honey drink


Take the juice of one lemon and put in large mug/ cup. Add 1 small pinch of sea salt and a little grated ginger, turmeric, or garlic if desired. Now top the cup up with boiling water and add honey to taste. Drink it hot or let it cool down.

This is a delicious drink any time of the year. But on a detox it holds a special place as you can drink it to replace meals and drink through the day for liver, blood, kidney and systemic cleansing.


Herbs have a great place in all detox and cleansing regimes. Milk thistle is great as a hepatoprotective meaning that it protects the liver cells integrity as toxins are being removed. Remember that your liver is your organ of truth and feelings. It is the seat of your emotions and its true ” shitty liver = shitty feelings about life” clean it up a bit and you feel better on all levels. Dandelion is such a purifying and tonifying herbal and we just love to drink it in teas, and instead of coffee in cafes. Those Dandelion Lattes/ expressos  off the coffee machine are better than a good coffee and you are doing your body such a favour.

We have our beautiful Herbal Detox BLend, Herbal cholesterol and LIver  care blend and Herbal Parasite blends to help you through spring. Its such a joyful feeling to take a detox and to feel healthy in your body. Your mind is clearer, you feel lighter and all feels better.


This is the Detox Zone section from my book THE WELLNESS ZONE E BOOK $15 online. Or you can just purchase this exciting section THE DETOX ZONE and get my low down on many styles of detox therapy. I have included full water fasting, juice cleanses, wholesome vegetarian Detox plans and broken detox down to doable chunks of healthy spring time cleansing.




Carrot Juice my favorite. Esp when mixed with lemon. yumm

Betacarotene is the precursor to Vitamin A and is found in Spirulina, carrots and many other foods. My favorite thing about betacarotene is that it is another super cellular cleanser and will heal pretty well any liver illness you have including cirrhosis of the liver and fatty liver conditions. Yes its the most necessary addition to your spring cleansing program. My favorite way to take betacarotene is in carrot juice of course and I just love to drink lots of carrot juice in spring time. Keep the diet light, keep the nutrients high and keep your liver happy. Happy liver equals happy life. which is something we all want. When the body is short of vitamin A, ( there are over 2000 retinoids in the Vitamin A family) then it converts betacarotene into this necessary fat soluble vitamin that is needed for cellular integrity and helps the body stay physically strong and durable. The fascia in the body, the fine tuning of cells and systems is reliant on having plenty of this crucial vitamin. Also your skin, your hair, nails. Everything really needs vitamin A. In the same way we need all micro nutirnets , vitamins, minerals. THey are important. However my focus here is on sweeping toxins out gently and ensuring a clean healthy liver and cells. When betacarotene is not needed to be converted to vitamin A, well it just stays in its role as s uper antioxidant and sweeps out toxins everywhere, it sneaks up on them in cells and does almost exactly what iodine does. So, add carrot juice to your diet. It is a heavy metal chelator too and it is certainly very helpful in any cellular regeneration program and for cellular health. Keep your DNA/ RNA  strong and your cells will degenerate at a slower pace and you will have younger and healthier cells for longer. Clean cells equal clean body equals less degeneration. Makes sense to me.

OK thats enough from me on detox and cleansing today. I could just keep writing as its such an exciting and necessary process. Please contact us if you want assistance with herbal medicines. I look forward to seeing you at our free weekly clinics at Eumundi Markets and also email me or call me 0409765033.

So I shall see you at the Market Kitchen at 12.45 on the 6th September and make you some Golden Milk.

Here is the full program for the All Well and Good Day link. The link to Eumundi Markets Web site and you click in and get all of the information,

Eumundi Markets web site where you can download ALL WELL AND GOOD PROGRAM

NOW I will be away for two markets in September. I will be at the Market of Sat the 6th and on Sat the 27th. I will be personally away on the 13th and the 20th. However my students are there and you can still come and be looked after beautifully. There will be no formulating as I am away. Sorry, but I am still so attached to formulating and I like to do it myself for you. You can pick up the regular Herbal formulas.  Orders as usual in September and please email me, text or leave a message and we will get your orders posted. I will be away for some of the time and may return your call via Skype or email you with questions.

Enjoy  your week. Those coming to my rejuvenation retreat in October get to experience a cooking class with me where we will make some  amazing recipes that are delicious and super nourishing and healthy. You can book for my next retreat in February on my web site  MEDICINEROOM WEB SITE TO BOOK RETREAT AND BUY DOM”S PRODUCTS

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Thanks for reading this blog/newsletter and have a great cleansing week. I am available if you want my support. Any time you want a cleanse.. I am happy to support you… its an awesome process and you always let go of some unnecessary toxins and feel healthier at the end.. it might be a tad uncomfortable during the process… but hey… its a detox.. its supposed to be different from every other day!

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Face Mask

With love as always Dom xoxo

Take care and I trust you enjoy this blog newsletter.

With Love Dom xoxoox

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Dominique August 2014

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Blessings in your entry to spring..” I open myself to the warmth and newness of Spring. Like a child in wonderment, I watch each petal of my life unfold with joy, grace and curiosity.  I respect my body and my mind more than ever before, the connection between me and my environment is a powerful aphrodisiac for living in my light of truth, beauty and clearness. I take the opportunity of spring to refresh myself and embrace these qualities, and to allow the flow of newness its course” 

Have a beautiful day my friends and I look forward to connecting with you at The Medicineroom.