Introducing our Wintertyme tea box

Hello lovely, 

Today I was in the herbal dispensary and thought " what if I take the herbs that are in our cough cold and flu relief formula and make them into a tea? " So I did. Except I left out the bitter andrographis and added the soft and healing yarrow instead! 

The combo I came up with was yarrow, thyme, nettle, liquorice and echinacea. They are all certified organic herbs and exactly the same ones that we use for formulating and extracting. So top shelf herbals. 

Then I got excited and decided to make you an exclusive wintertyme tea box. Looking around the dispensary I wanted to give you some special treats! Herbs that would enhance your winter wellness and herbs that you could play with and experiment on. So of course our beautiful elderberries came to the forefront. You can make an elderberry syrup! thats always fun and is so soothing on sore throats and a super antioxidant! 

This is my tea formulating bowl. It's a huge old ceramic serving bowl from the 1800's. I love using this bowl and it takes 4 kilos of herbs! So pretty awesome for making your wintertyme herbal tea blend. We make all our blends in small batches like this! 

Finally I couldn't resist the trend right now and added the reishi mushroom powder to your tea box. Yes now you can be fashionable and add resihi mushroom powder to your coffee, hot chocolates and cooking. It's such a herb of fortification, immune strengthening and keeps us strong in winter. 

I hope you like this tea box. As I said its our first one ever! 

Organic deliciousness

Wintertyme tea 60g

Elderberries 100g

Reishi mushroom powder 80g 

You can purchase online $65 with free freight in Australia 


We have some events coming up soon. 

Long table wellness day Medicinal mushrooms June 20th with 4 places left now. 

Womens wellness masterclass 4 week online course starts July 26th 

Long table wellness day Sleep July 18th. 

Launch of third edition Wellness Zone coming soon! 

Have an awesome day and we are at Eumundi Markets Saturday and available in Maleny on Weds and Thursday weekly. 

Love Dominique