Introducing "My fortitude tea blend" Limited edition to celebrate Autumn

Fortitude is an old fashioned word. Hardly used at all these days. But its qualities are something we all need to embrace. 

Here are some facts for you on the word, that can also be called fortification, fortify and then you have fortitude.... 

This is to fortify ourselves according to Webster dictionary 

"Medieval cities were fortified against attack by high walls, and volunteers may fortify a levee against an overflowing river by means of sandbags. Foods can be fortified by adding vitamins, but "fortified wines", such as sherry and port, have brandy (a "stronger" drink) rather than vitamins added to them. By adopting good exercise habits, you can fortify your body against illness. And fortifying needn't always be physical. An author's reputation may be fortified by the success of his new book, or a prosecutor can fortify a case against a suspect by finding more evidence."

Words for fortitude, like: courage, determination, mettle, perseverance, braveness, strength, stoicism, endurance, fearlessness, pluck and heart. ( King Google search)

The word fortitude is almost obsolete in our language these days. It generally means you have a certain strength internally, mentally, physically. You could have fortitude of spirit, meaning you have a strong spirit and are capable. You could have the fortitude of a horse, meaning you have the strength of a horse physically and with the courage of a warrior. Anyway, enough old english lessons. 

The word came to me about his herbal blend I made, and thats what I'm calling it for now!  And lets talk about tea and fortification in four words

"My fortitude tea blend" 

Cats claw, echinacea, star anise, withania, turmeric and elderberry. I made this tea this week for our open day on Weds and everyone enjoyed it so much. 

I say in my clinics that having a strong body, a boosted immunity and good energy are all qualities of wellness. I think in the autumn months its good to prepare our body for the winter, to add extra " fortification" and to boost ourselves with strength and herbs! This one is great. If you look at the traditional uses of all the herbs they are certainly the ones to keep us healthy in these times of multiple illnesses and vulnerabilities! 

You can try our tea now! Its ready to be posted to you!